Five Years After Easter Bombings: Conspiracies Persist, Truth Undermined

These irresponsible actors will continue to espouse their baseless theories, heedless of the potential consequences, until another tragedy strikes.


Father Cyril Gamini Fernando epitomizes the epitome of deceit, a master of manipulation unrivaled in Sri Lankan history. He is no less than the Sri Lankan version of Joseph Goebbels. His insidious web of lies knows no bounds, ceaselessly spun without remorse or restraint. As the nation mourns the tragic anniversary of the Easter Bombings, Father Cyril shamelessly exploits this grief for his own selfish agenda, reducing a solemn occasion to a stage for his political theatrics.

The aftermath of the Easter attack

Claiming to possess exclusive insights sought after by the Criminal Investigative Department, Father Cyril revels in the spotlight of controversy, casting himself as a martyr of truth amidst his tangled web of fabrications. Yet, beneath his facade of righteousness lies a profound failure of duty; instead of aiding in the pursuit of justice, he opts to peddle baseless allegations sourced from dubious characters with axes to grind.

His reliance on unsubstantiated claims peddled by disgraced individuals and discredited sources tarnishes the integrity of legitimate investigations, diverting attention from genuine efforts to uncover the truth. While law enforcement diligently pursues leads and meticulously documents cases, Father Cyril’s reckless accusations serve only to hinder progress and sow discord.

Even the so-called revelations propagated by Channel 4, a beacon of sensationalism rather than truth, crumble under scrutiny, with their directors conspicuously silent when pressed for evidence to substantiate their claims. The committee tasked with investigating these allegations, eager to shed light on the truth, finds itself stonewalled by those who prefer the shadows of falsehoods.

In his relentless pursuit of notoriety, Father Cyril betrays the very principles he claims to uphold, exploiting tragedy for personal gain while undermining the tireless efforts of those dedicated to justice. His legacy will be one of deception and disgrace, a cautionary tale of the dangers posed by those who prioritize their own agendas over the pursuit of truth and justice.

Meanwhile, the supposed “whistleblowers” they parade are nowhere to be found when pressed for substantiation of their claims. Their narrative relies on cherry-picked anecdotes from disgruntled individuals, including a former Sri Lankan police officer turned YouTuber, who serves as a pawn in their cynical game. These self-styled informants, seeking asylum abroad, fabricate tales of impending danger, painting Sri Lanka as a threat to justify their own agendas.

Their relentless pursuit of sensationalism veers further from the truth with each passing day. While they dwell on internal strife and political vendettas, their allegations bear no relevance to the Easter Attacks. Like their predecessors at Channel 4, they seek a platform to peddle their concocted narratives, devoid of any factual basis.

Five years have elapsed since the tragic events unfolded, and authorities have diligently worked to provide support and compensation to the victims. Meanwhile, credible reports suggest that the Catholic Church has received substantial financial assistance for the same purpose. Yet, rather than focusing on genuine assistance and healing, some senior members in the Church remains fixated on unfounded conspiracy theories and baseless accusations, refusing to engage in constructive dialogue.

However, what Father Cyril and his associates conveniently overlook are the glaring failures of the investigative apparatus surrounding the Easter attacks. Despite numerous reports directly implicating Zahran and his cohorts in at least 11 incidents, the CID chose to turn a blind eye under the influence of higher-ups. Rather than addressing their own culpability, these officials opted to concoct elaborate conspiracy theories to deflect blame onto others.

This dangerous game of deception persists, perpetuating a cycle of impunity and hindering much-needed reforms in both religious institutions and the education system. Only those devoid of genuine concern for their fellow citizens could engage in such reckless behavior, driving the nation perilously close to the brink of catastrophe.

These irresponsible actors will continue to espouse their baseless theories, heedless of the potential consequences, until another tragedy strikes. And when it inevitably does, they will once again scramble to evade accountability, all while singing the same tune of deception and denial.