Barbarous Tortures by TID

[The actual names of those affected are replaced; places and dates are deleted to safeguard their safety. This is only a condensed part of the full statement from him in order to avoid undesirable consequences to him: Editor] File Image

Appeal by Sri Sankra Iyar Shivaguru Sarma, Jaffna [Manitham]

(June 03, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) I have (Deleted).children. My wife is Sankari Sarma Shivaguru Sarma age (Deleted). Our children are now aged (Deleted).

Since 1992 my wife is mentally affected. Doctor (Name Deleted) treated her. Due to Sooriya Kathir attack, we were displaced from Jaffna loosing all over properties and we moved to Kanthasamy Temple in Kilinochchi. Again we were displaced from Kilinochchi due to the Jeyasikkuru attack to Vavuniya from there we went to Colombo in search of a job.

I got employed in a temple (name and address of the temple deleted) as a priest and I was getting my wife treated. On (date deleted) people from TID (6th floor) arrested me on suspicion of having involved in the suicidal attack on (name deleted). In spite of knowing that I am a Hindu priest yet they stripped me naked and started whipping me with wires and hit me with iron rods, S-Lon pipe filled with cement and with broomstick. They cut me with blades, scorched me with burning cigarettes and applied chilly powder and salt on the wounds. This was totally a horrifying and disgraceful experience. (With difficulty he controlled his emotions)

They hung me topsy-turvy by my toes and put chilly powder and petrol in a shopping bag and pulled it over my head thus suffocating me. They snapped my holy thread (Poonool) from my body and crushed it under their boots. They crushed my penis by pressing it into a drawer and scorched it with burning cigarette butts. Even though I am a Hindu priest, they forced me to drink alcohol and eat meat. This caused me to vomit blood. Later they forcibly got my signature against my will on a document written in Sinhalese on (Deleted) and I was handed over to the CID on the 4th floor.

The CID kept me there for 07 months and tortured me severely. It was worse here than before. They inserted a piece of barbed wire through my anus and moved it up and down. Lot of flesh and blood came out. They beat me with a baton and I was bleeding from my head. I felt faintish and became unconscious and when I regained I noted the joint on my left elbow was broken. Here too they tied both my hands behind, hung me upside down by my toes and beat me. I was beaten with 1.044 wires. ICRC was not permitted to meet me. ICRC was tossed between TID and CID offices. When I said that the ICRC would be reporting to their Head office in Geneva saying that I had been killed, they agreed to allow the ICRC to see me. This was told to me by Ms. Linda from the ICRC. She recorded the details of my wounds.

The temple I worked for threw my wife and children out of the temple and it was her brother, who took care of them and placed them in a lodge. The CID arrested my mentally derailed wife and our two children [then aged (Deleted)] from the lodge on (date deleted). I was stripped and tortured in front of my children and wife. My wife was also tortured without considering that she was a mental patient. Both our children screamed on seeing this. Our children were released after three months and since (date deleted) they are staying in an orphanage. (He broke down when he mentioned the word “orphanage.”)

I was again handed over to the TID for inquiry. I was tortured by them. On (date deleted) a representative from the UNO took my confidential statement, which lasted for five hours. They photographed the wounds on my body. It was a doctor from the UNO who took the photos. On their instructions the DMO of the (Deleted)] Hospital recorded the wounds on my body. I was again handed over back to the CID.

My wife and I were taken out with a 72 hours prior permission from the magistrate on (Deleted) and we were tortured. We were taken out on several occasions for “inquiry” which meant more torture. We were then put in our respective prisons. I came to Kaluththurai prison on (date deleted). We were taken out on the following dates (4 dates deleted) and tortured. When we were presented before the magistrate on (date deleted) and on (date deleted) he ordered that protection be provided to us.

Ms.Linda from the ICRC, when she came to see me at the Jail, informed that I should not be tortured. All details of my wounds are with the ICRC.

The details of the torture to my wife:
1. They inserted a banana pod inside her vagina after applying chilly powder on it.
2. They inserted barbed wire inside her vagina and the anus.
3. Women officers stripped her while the males were watching.
4. They slashed all over her body with blades.
5. She was whipped with 1.044 wires.
6. She was beaten with clubs, S-Lon pipe filled with cement, and belts.
7. Her face was covered with a shopping bag filled with chilly powder and petrol.
8. Her head was ducked in a water tank thus suffocating her.
9. She was scorched with cigarettes.
10. They inserted pins under the nails of the fingers.
11. They pushed her on the floor and trampled her with their boots while standing on her.

I too got the same treatment except that I was beaten more severely and brutally.

Names of those who tortured me at the TID:
O.I.C – TID Pirasanna D Alvis, Sub Inspector (S.I.) Rasik, S.I.Thulukkoda, S.I.Upali S.I. Wennapuli

Those who tortured me at the CID :
O.I.C. CID Kumarasinga, I.P.Ampawela, S.I.Hareem, S.I.Wikramasingha, S.I.Sathik, S.I.Perero, S.I.Peris, S.I.Hemachchanthira, S.I.Fernando, Director Evan,, S.I.Vijayaratna

Those who tortured my wife at the CID:
O.I.C. CID Kumarasinga , I.P.Ampabala, S.I.Wickramasinga, W.S.I. Dayani Kamage, W.P.C. Santhima , W.P.C. Kumary , S.I. Perera

(Easan Isn’t it better to delete these names and say “names deleted”.

When the torture on me was established, the crown council was trying to drag the case by bringing in new witness, which is illegal. There are five solicitors conducting the case on behalf of the state. This is the forth judge conducting my case. In our case the Crown has no proof to establish the allegations against us. They have cross-examined for one and half years. My case number is (deleted). The Human Rights and Development Centre has appointed the solicitor Mr.(deleted) to conduct our case.

I am attaching herewith the following:
1. Reply from the leader of the opposition.
2. Reply from him when he was the P.M.
3. Reply from the head of the Norwegian Peace Community.
4. Letter from the UN in Geneva.

(The letters are withheld)

“Where can we stay when we are released? Under the present circumstances killings and abductions are going on. Some also die in the prison.

Both of us have become utterly sick of the tortures. We are at a loss to know where to go with our children. Because we were in Jail, no Temple will admit us as priests. No relative will accept us in their fold. My wife who is already mentally ill and our two children will be psychologically affected due to this. We do not know if we can live in peace. Only God can help us” said the Priest.
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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Fair Mind said…
This shows the barbaric inhuman nature of the Sri Lankan Police. Such tortures don’t happen even in hell.
Unknown said…
Who says this was true this was only to blame SL police do this fool will eve talk about things do by LTTE cutting hands legs killing children of innocent civilians who try to leave LTTE territory.
Arsenal said…
Lion Heart, please go back to school and learn how to write first before you make silly comments.

By the same account you say this is propaganda, another person might argue that stuff put out by SL Government about LTTE is also propaganda.

One who has a level head and knows the ground realities can and should make their mind up as who is "spinning" and who is telling the truth.
Unknown said…
I already went school and I know what I’m writing I think u should gain more knowledge about ground realities in Kilinochchi and Mullaithive areas. Do you have any idea of how many families that LTTE brutally assassinated? during last couple of month. If you have spine go there and face the reality.
janani said…
Dear Thurairatnam,

We are wasting our time trying to educate people like "Lion heart". The brainwashed people of the south will never realise the atrocities done by the SL army.

I have known a person who was tortured using the same method (chilli and petrol) and he was not part of LTTE. I had a friend who disappered. One of my childhood friends were gang raped and murdered by the SL army (the Krishanthy Kumarasamy case). She was on her way to tuition. The case was never properly investigated.

Let's forget about talking with these fools and unite behind the LTTE.

Unknown said…
Oh yes jayani you go to VP and look under his veettiya there you can find ur friend licking VP's Balls
Arsenal said…
Lion Heart, no need to be rude to people. It shows you didn't get beyond grade 5. I made a constructive comment/argument to what you said.

If you can't write constructively, which I doubt you can, then stay out of this.

For your information I am not a fan of LTTE or the SL Army/Government. That doesn’t say there aren't any good SL Army personal or LTTEr’s. I have met lots of good ones in my time. It’s the politicians who are elected by retards like you who use people’s lives as their toys I don't like.

Yes, agree with you LTTE are not angels but a lot better than the SL Government. They don't "spin" news to the extent that the Government do. If you are Sinhalese you should be worried about inflation. In 2 years time you will have to pay to walk (pay and walk) around in Colombo that is if you live there.

Before you come here and harp-on about issues you have no idea about, do some research and ask your mum and dad's permission to use their internet.

Have good day.