Karunanidhi roots for Sethu project

(June 03, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) Going a bit overboard on the cause of Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project (SSCP), Chief Minister M Karunanidhi appealed to the opposition parties for its implementation almost three times on Monday.

First, it was through a poem in DMK’s mouthpiece Murasoli. Then it was at the general council meeting of the party where the Chief Minister said he was even prepared to ‘sacrifice’ his government to have the project completed.

And the third time was at the audio release function of the film Uliyin Osai, which is based on one of his historical novels.

Choked with emotion, the politico, who turns 85 on Tuesday, said, ‘As a birthday gift, I want the Sethusamudram project. I beg for it. For it alone will promote trade and bring prosperity to Tamilnadu’.

Making an sentimental appeal to the opposition parties and others posing an hindrance to the project, Karunanidhi said, ‘I don’t like to blame religion. It is being used as a facade. Beneath it lies politics. That is why I said that I would not mind renaming the project Sethu Ram project.’

He added: ‘Tamilnadu is surrounded by unfriendly States that refuse to acknowledge its water- sharing rights. If you really want to make our people wealthy, help us complete the project. I am not asking this for my grandchildren. But for those of Kuppan, Subban and other common men of Tamilnadu.’

Dwelling on the necessity of the SSCP, the Chief Minister said, ‘Tamilnadu was once described as a fertile land, blessed with plenty of water. Today it is facing water scarcity. Under these circumstances, the Sethusamudram project was necessary to promote trade in this part of the country.’

In his address, film director K Balachander said all should consider the request of the Chief Minster and ensure implementation of the Sethusamudram project.

Film director Bharathiraja, Lyricist Vairamuthu, director of the film Ilavenil and N Jayamurugan of the J Nandhini Arts spoke.
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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