"Basil must tell in Parliament of Indian tour outcome"

(October 28, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Addressing the media today (28 Oct), UNP Gen. Secretary and M.P. Tissa Attanayake , stated, in his latest tour of India , Basil Rajapakse has endorsed the UNP’s solution to the ethnic conflict at the discussions . It was UNP’s clear and consistent view that the issue shall be resolved within an undivided Sri Lanka and the solution acceptable to all ethnic groups. Even at this belated stage, the Govt. has realized that it is the only best solution , he added.

There are wheels within wheels in all the actions and plans of this Govt. Though war is a national issue, the Govt. instead of openly discussing the grave problems it is facing is suppressing the actual scenario from the Opposition and the people. Profuse lying and cover ups are the answers it offers to the people . The UNP is therefore going to demand a full official report on the discussions and their outcome in Parliament when it meets next week, he exclaimed. The Govt. can’t hush up the truth and confine it only to the Rajapakse Bros. This is a country belonging to the people and not the dowry property of anyone , he emphasized.

Even in regard to India’s preparation to supply 800 Tons of food to the North, Govt. gives one version while its Essential food supplies Chief Divaratne gives another . Govt. says there are no displaced persons or food shortages , but Mr. Divaratne says he has no knowledge of India’s steps to supply food.

Speaking on the World market fuel price plummeting , he said , the biggest and most unconscionable black marketer in Sri Lanka is the Govt. The Govt . which raised the price of fuel for the 13th time on the last occasion blaming on the world market price when it was US $ 147.00 per barrel , is now giving all kinds of lame excuses to evade passing the benefits of the world market fuel price reduction to the ruthlessly burdened people even after being aware of their acute sufferings. Now, the price has drastically dropped to US$ 60.00 per barrel . Yet , the Govt. has no idea of giving relief to the people .But, it is allowing the Foreign Companies to earn in billions . The Indian Oil Co.(IOC) is making profits parallel with the Govt., earning over Rs. 150 million per day, with the world market price slump. If the Govt. reduces the prices commensurate with the world price slump , the people will benefit , while both the Govt. and the IOC will not be able to make extortionist profits. But, the Govt. prefers, the OIC and itself gobbling all the profits at people’s expense. How can you call this a Govt. interested in people’s welfare? he asked.
- Sri Lanka Guardian