EROS: Conflict Within

Internal squabbles within EROS and Sri Lanka Guardian has become the platform to score points

(November 01, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The factional infightings within EROS have become a points scoring exercise between its UK based Nesan Shankar Raji and Rajanathan Pirabakaran stationed in Eastern Sri Lanka.

Nesan Shakar Raji in his latest newsletter to the Sri Lanka Guardian claims: ‘I am shocked that the article with the following heading - No person who called Nesan in EROS- was published in your news website. He further claims ‘I have since spoken to Rajanathan Prabaharan who is presently in Zurich and he has denied that he contacted the Sri Lankan Guardian. He is furious that this article about me was published on Sri Lanka Guardian. Furthermore, he is considering taking legal action through lawyers in Colombo for publishing an article claiming that he had contacted Sri Lanka Guardian which is entirely untrue and publishing an article using his name and designation claiming that I am no longer a member of EROS.’

The Sri Lankan Guardian wish to state that the said news of Rajanathan Prabaharan was considered as authentic to this date and he has not disputed the publication with us directly when it was published. As such, we are unable to accept Nesan Shankar Raji’s comment on behalf of R . Prabaharan.

There is a long history of internecine conflicts with the EROS and unfortunately the Sri Lanka Guardian is being accused for their internal squabbles. It is one party trying to score points against the other in a public way.

Nesan is the son of former leader of EROS Shankar Raji and he has spoken to us on the phone and has made direct accusation that EROS’s General Secretary R Prabaharan and have accused him of having links with the Tamil Tigers. He also told us that the Central Committe of the EROS has decided to sacke him. Earlier reports in the Sri Lanka Guardian reveals details of this internal conflict. His earlier dealings with Sri Lanka Guardian confirm Nesan is part and parcel of the conflict of the EROS.

The Sri Lanka Guardian has entertained comments from both the factions to the present conflict. What Sri Lanka Guardian will not do is for one party to take advantage of the other to make claims that the other party has confirmed this and that on behalf of the other and with the hope that we will publish them.

For Nesan’s information, Prabaharan is also in contact with us (from abroad) and says, "After Sri Lanka Guardian published the story, the senior members of party have decided to hold a meeting to discuss the problem”. He further stated: "We wish to thank you for the revelations and it has created a discussion to settle the party’s future. To be frank, we have serious internal problems and even Nesan is also being sacked from the party few months ago. But after deliberations in the Central Committee, the party has now decided to accept Nesan as its spokesperson."

Hereunder, we publish the letter we received from Nesan since his reincarnation. It is purport to have been signed by Rajanathan Prabaharan. Nesan confirmed on the telephone and emails that the letter is his reply to the Sri Lanka Guardian news. Some aspects of this letter does not conform to our conversations with both the conflicting parties. It has been decided that the Sri Lanka Guardian will not entertain any further news and views from any one of the conflicting parties in the future on the problems within the party.

To the Editor,
Sri Lankan Guardian

Dear Sir,

Ref: "No person who called Nesan in EROS"

I refer to your article published on 29th October 2008 under the above heading on your website.

On your article you claim that I personally contacted Sri Lanka Guardian to state that Nesan Shakar Raji was no longer a member of EROS and that the meeting organised by our Senior Leader and spokesperson of EROS, Comrade Nesan Shankar Raji under the theme "Sri Lanka, the present situation and the way forward" was not endorsed by EROS.

I write to inform you and readers of Sri Lanka Guardian that I personally did not contact the Sri Lankan Guardian or any other journalist affiliated to the Sri Lanka Guardian as your article claims. Your article written with no journalists name mentioned claims that I spoke to the Sri Lanka Guardian over the phone from Batticaloa when I have been in Zurich, Switzerland for weeks to attend meetings with our politburo members and our Central Committee of EROS which includes Comrade Nesan Shankar Raji.

I can only come to the conclusion that whoever is responsible for writing this article had nothing better to do other that to attemt to cause friction amongst our members. Let me catergorically state that the leadership of EROS remains united and strong and nobody can break it.

Comrade Nesan Shankar Raji joined EROS with the blessings of all of our members and it was the wish of his father Comrade Shankar Rajee, our late leader that he should join EROS. Comrade Nesan Shankar Raji had been groomed by his father from the tender age of 7 years to join EROS and become a Senior Leader within EROS one day a position which Comrade Nesan Shankar Raji has had to earn through dedication and hard work. Comrade Nesan Shankar Raji will continue to have all our support.

Comrade Nesan Shankar Raji remains a Senior Leader of EROS and plays a very important role within our organisation. He is the public eye of EROS as our spokesperson and remains our designated representative for Europe.

Yours Sincerely,
Rajanathan Prabaharan
General Secretary,
Eelavar Democartic Front (EDF)
Popular Front of EROS
- Sri Lanka Guardian