Liberals in Toronto are in a risky honeymoon with Canadian Tamil Congress

“Some of these Liberal MPs are so much romantically involved with this LTTE front, and it seems they even forgotten that they have other communities to look after in their ridings. One lady Liberal MP in Mississauga who is an Ignatiaff supporter seems to be highly involved with LTTE front these days.”

by a special correspondent

(November 23, Toronto, Sri Lanka Guardian) Once again the latest LTTE front in Canada, so called Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC) started to meet Canadian Law makers and giving them the impression that they are the sole representatives of Tamil people in Canada. (Just like their mother ship LTTE claims in Sri Lanka) It seems some politicians especially some Liberal politicians in Greater Toronto area are as usually starting to hug and believe them in a grand manner. With that instance CTC jumped in to lobby front runner candidates in the Liberal leadership race like Bob Rae and Michel Ignatiff.

In the last leadership race CTC planted their own representatives behind all the Liberal leadership candidates and demand them to lift the band on LTTE and jobs for LTTE delegates in order to receive their delegate votes. Also independent Tamil delegates were forced to join CTC to show the leadership candidates that all the Tamil delegates are behind CTC. And at the end all CTC affiliated delegates went behind Michel Ignatiff as planed. Because they had an already made deal with Mr. Ignatiaff just before the convention. According to inside news, this time also CTC is backing Michel Ignatiff in full force; and in return, Liberal MPs who are supporting Michel Ignatiff has started to full fill CTC demands. Apart from usual Sri Lanka bashing at the parliament and appearing at LTTE fundraising meetings through out Greater Toronto area, some other demands like government jobs are among the list to be fulfilled, once they come to power.

Some of these Liberal MPs are so much romantically involved with this LTTE front, and it seems they even forgotten that they have other communities to look after in their ridings. One lady Liberal MP in Mississauga who is an Ignatiaff supporter seems to be highly involved with LTTE front these days.

During her previous election LTTE front hold a fundraising dinner for this lady MP, in order to take her into their side. The event was a hundred dollar ticket event and was a success with the help of all WTM members. Event was organized by well known LTTE fundraiser who is posing as a humanitarian big shot whom we recently exposed at “ Sri Lanka Guardian”. It is well known fact that LTTE front has donated this lady MP almost $10,000. We hope at least this time Canadian security authorities are keeping an eye on this terrorist money coming in to hands of Canadian MPs and the favors they would do while jeopardizing Canadian National Security.
Recently another male Liberal MP in Scarborough area suddenly rushed in to a senior Tamil get together and yell at them, “what are you guys doing partying here; while your people are suffering!” and angrily left the place after confusing the gathering. Probably LTTE front must have promised him a vacation home in dream Tamil Ealam when he retired. He also a frequent receiver of this LTTE funds the during election time.

The level of this Liberal-LTTE honey moon has grown was widely displayed during the last Liberal leadership convention. At the convention site LTTE managed to get a booth under the name of “Tamils for Liberals”. This was done in order to lobby delegates for LTTE cause. This is how and where Liberals in Toronto with LTTE are going today. If someone thinks this is democracy think twice.

Due to their high involvement with Liberals, previous Liberal government offered several high ranking positions for LTTE leaders in several highly sensitive offices like ‘Citizenship and Immigration’ and ‘Ontario prison system’ etc. Some LTTE leaders are employed even as “Liberal Party outreach co-coordinators”. The top LTTE representative at the convention “Nehru” is working today for Federal Government in a highly sensitive ministry. How did he get this job? No one knows how these known terrorist front men by pass the Canadian security scanning system. Some of them are still employed in these sensitive offices and they could easily pass very highly sensitive information to LTTE within seconds. If those Liberals continue there honeymoon with CTC and their other LTTE fronts, it might cause them big losses in the coming future. Possibly if Canadian security agencies are vigilant enough these Liberals might end up in criminal courts for actively supporting a banned Terrorist organization.

Meanwhile CTC is dying to get one of their members to contest in a Liberal ticket in Toronto area. This dream was exposed in a secret gathering took place during the recent federal election in one of LTTE front men’s house in Mississauga. This party was held in one medical Dr.’s house but they want a lawyer in their first ticket. Even though there are several Tamils already contested from other political parties such as New Democratic Party and Green Party. CTC never support those Tamils in any election. Therefore the tension with CTC and those Tamil Candidates were well evident during recent federal election.

During the election Canadian Tamil Congress sent a questioner to all election candidates in every political party demanding answers for ten questions if they want to receive their support. Some candidates with dreaming of getting Tamil votes agreed with these written question paper and even signed them but LTTE never support them. There were about four Tamil candidates contested in different political parties other than Liberal party and they also received those ten questions but none of them signed or returned these questioner because those Tamil politicians does not believe that the Canadian Tamil Congress represent Tamils in Canada. One the other hand if CTC want a Tamil to be elected why not those candidates? Why they are not supporting those Tamils? Are they not, Tamil enough or are they not, LTTE enough?

Recently Canadian Tamil Congress starting to use under age children in political activities in the same way Prabaharan use child soldiers. Instead of dried up old mothers carrying placards, replaced with posh looking Tamil girls and boys from high schools and colleges. From the young age hate and destruction started to come out from these kids; a big incident is waiting to happen. But Tamil parents who send their kids to these protests doesn’t know that none of these CTC big guys are sending their own similar aged kids to these protests because they know that Canadian Security agencies are video taping these events and it might hit them back later when they come of age and when they are looking for a job. Therefore it is the time that the Diaspora has to start thinking to get rid of this big LTTE monkey from their back. Otherwise they will have to keep living and die nourishing pouches of these LTTE moguls who are busy buying properties and businesses for their own sake, using the money they collected from these innocent Tamils.
- Sri Lanka Guardian