Remand prisoners go on hunger strike calling authorities to either Frame charges or release

CMC will take up the issue says Mano Ganesan

(November 10, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Civil Monitoring Commission has decided to take up the issue of the Inmates of Colombo, Batticaloa, Anuradhapura and Trincomalee remand prisons who went on one day token hunger strike today. It is a peaceful agitation to seek legal redress in the forms of getting release on bail or their cases expedited of all those who are kept detained without trial for longer periods said CMC Convener Mano Ganesan MP to the media. Ganesan said further on the issue,

It has been observed that detentions are conducted without proper legal processes being followed. CMC has learned that over 1,000 detainees are being kept detained without proper trial and investigations under poor custodial conditions. Number of ethnic Tamil inmates are subjected physical and mental torture. CMC will undertake initiating legal process to seek relief aid in the forms of release or judicial bail through judicial directives to the detainees and prisoners at remand prisons.

Police department and Attorney General’s department are virtually sleeping over many case files which are pending before courts all over the country for months and years. Police department came under the observation of the Supreme Court early this year when Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva said that the police should either send the files of the suspects to the Attorney General to frame charges against them if there is any or release them unless there are charges. The Chief Justice made this comment considering a fundamental rights petition of a suspect. Chief Justice said that the police cannot make justice by keeping them for a long time in custody. But situation since then has not improved. Not only the police department but also the lukewarm attitude of Attorney General’s department is also a definite reason behind this crisis.
- Sri Lanka Guardian