Young Sri Lankan Film Maker Emerging from Florida

By Udara Soysa exclusively to Sri Lanka Guardian from Florida

Name – Srinath Ramalingam
Birth – September 25, 1987
Home town – Colombo, Sri lanka
Education - BSc in Film and Digital Production at Full Sail University, Florida
Position – Producer, Director and Editor

(February 03, Florida, Sri Lanka Guardian) Srinath Ramalignam, a talented filmmaker who grew up in Lion nation for the past 18 years, is now emerging strong in Florida with his upcoming movie Mujahid.

"My career was basically begun when I was in my high school S.Thomas’ College, Mt.Lavinia, I started acting in stage plays from 4th grade, and then my curiosity towards the drama was drastically increasing. I was given an occasion to play the Lead role when I was in my 9th grade, and I was awarded best supporting actor in Royal College, Colombo," according to Srinath.

This young man was indeed grateful for his mentors inside and outside Sri Lanka for his success. "Mrs. H.L.D. Devadasan and Mr.Prasanna Devamanoharan had played a huge role in making me a good actor and director. Later on I was given responsibility of directing dramas for Tamil Literary Association and Hindu Society of S.Thomas’ College. The year 2005, would be one of my best years where I was given a chance of making a short feature film for drama society, I assembled my own crew and we were shooting a horror flick for 4 days, unfortunately the final product did not turn that great but I guarantee that it was an amazing experience for us. Also later that year I was busy directing stage plays for random organizations around Colombo. In my final year at S.Thomas’, me and my entire team was completely shocked on our victorious moment in Royal College Tamil Drama Competition, where we won three awards including the best director.

Acting 21 stage plays and Directing 10 dramas taught me that I could take this to the next extreme step which would be filmmaking. Instead of thinking Filmmaking as a hobby, I started thinking it as my destiny. Now I have completed my Higher Studies in Filmmaking and Production here in United States. Directed, Edited and Produced numerous short films, commercials, and music videos.

Journey towards my destiny has seen many negative and positive critics, but the trust that I have on me has never gone loose. I promise that I would make my lion nation proud with my filmmaking talents in future," Srinath added.

His latest production is the Mujahid – A short film involving about a Muslim terrorist who tells a point of view story of his life, and he regrets for what he have done against the world. It would be a complete suspense entertainer.

Viewers can also view the trailer of this movie (Link)

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-Sri Lanka Guardian
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