British MP calls for suspension of Lanka from C’wealth; Commons debate on Tuesday

(March 22, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) A British parliamentarian has called for the suspension of Sri Lanka from the Commonwealth if Colombo does not respond to a ceasefire call issued by the LTTE today, according to the London-based The Sunday Times.

Labour MP Joan Ryan said: “If the Sri Lankan government does not respond to this call for a ceasefire within 24 hours, (prime minister) Gordon Brown should call for the suspension of Sri Lanka from the Commonwealth.”

A House of Commons debate on Sri Lanka is scheduled for Tuesday.

In an interview yesterday with The Sunday Times, Balasingham Nadesan, the political leader of the Tamil Tigers, pleaded for an urgent ceasefire. He said the Tigers, classified as a terrorist organisation in Britain because of their use of suicide attacks, would enter negotiations with the government “without pre-conditions”.

The daily bombing and shelling was described by Nadesan as “genocidal warfare”. “We call for a ceasefire, loudly and clearly,” he said. “Continuous denial of humanitarian access to the civilian population, and non-stop artillery and aerial attacks, are creating an unbearable situation.”

He called for international monitors to see the situation, adding that the Tigers would respect the outcome of any referendum on an independent Tamil state as long as it was held “once people were allowed to return to their homes”.
-Sri Lanka Guardian
manuri said...

Britian mind your own business, stay out of sri lanka for godness sake.

We do not want your commonwealth where we sri lanka did not get any wealth by dealing with you.

You solve your IRA issue while we solve our LTTE.

Back off your are the creators of this terrorism many years ago.You breed terrorism in Asia and eloped.

you think we do not know what you are?you have given asylum to terrorist one day you will pay for this crime and you should

you are the sinners of humanity and now you are trying to teaching poor nations how to safeguard humanity.

Sri lanka is doing everything it can in it small way to help the civilians coming out of that hell and Nadesan knows what his predicamant would be when all the civilians evacuate from that pocket.Just death on their face and for sure they deserve it.

Ceasefire to whom and for what?just leave sri lanka along this time no foreign pressure is going to save them this time.

just tell me why do these liberators are so sacred about death afterall?If they are true freedom fighters they should not fear death .

Why did LTTE plans went wrong all of a sudden after 30 long years?

Tudor the Canadian said...

What the hell is the commonwealth? I never heard of it.Is it an organization that collects money from illegal organizationsfor the welfare of the British MP's at the time of financial hardship.We in Canada have found that some ethnic organizations do collect money to support ethnic MP's who represent certain electorates that have a majority of immigrants. Most of them represent the Liberal party of Canada.Is it the same over in the old country Britain? From the material I have read and with 85 years of experience living in this bloody world I can tell all the British and Canadian MP's you are playing with fire because once this thing is finished in Ceylon sorry Sri Lanka all these immigrants who have turned out to be uncivilized hoodlums are going to turn the experienced gained by there nefarious activities into the biggest illegal armed mob that the world has ever seen.They will put the Mafia and the Biker Gangs to shame. My advice to the leaders of Britain and all other Countries is follow the example a former Canadian Prime Minister did in the late 60's when Canada had a few bad days. It ended with a few words that is part of Canadian history."JUST WATCH ME" In simple words my friends it is better to cut off the leg before gangareine kills the patient.LET A FEW SACRIFICE FOR THE BETTERMENT OF SRI LANKA. Actually that is the motto of the TAMIL TIGERS. Isn't suicide bombers actually that.And to all the peacenicks in the world I can only tell you start praying because your time has run out.GO GET A JOB