Saving Tamils from the Tigers

[March 24,Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian] Last Thursday March 19, a three-month old infant seriously injured by Tiger fire on civilians fleeing from the No Fire Zone was miraculously saved by an Army Medical Officer who risked his own life into the line of fire. The infant’s stomach had received a bullet and there was serious internal bleeding.

What the medical officer noted was that the child was fast losing consciousness and the mother’s weeping rent the air. Without a moment’s hesitation he gathered the mother and child and gave immediate attention while rushing to the nearest hospital, knowing fully well the child needed major care immediately. All these were happening amidst relentless fire from the LTTE cadres determined to prevent the escape.

There were over 500 civilians on flight at that very moment and on that day alone by noon 1272 civilians had escaped from the clutches of the Tigers, many of them had to wade through lagoon areas. The picture shows the mother and child attended by two army medicos being rushed for emergency surgery.
-Sri Lanka Guardian
jean-pierre said...

Unfortunately, even the Sri Lanka Guardian is filled up with pro-LTTE writers ranting against the government instead of noting that it is the LTTE which force-marched all the people into a hell hole and then fire at them when they try to escape. The first step in Tamil Emancipation, especially for us living in the Colombo Suburbs, IS THE ELIMINATION OF THE LTTE.

IB said...

These are the very incidents that need wide publicity specially in the international media, for them to realize the false information that is spread by LTTE and organisations such as HRW.