RW a ‘gifted individual’ ‘born to rule’

By Nanda Kodi

(December 17,London, Sri Lanka Guardian) It is apparent that the UNP is now in total disarray thanks to Ranil Wickramasinghe (RW ) the ‘gifted leader’ with totalitarian policies. RW’s Hitler Führerprinzip policy, installed in the party as the basic principle, has compelled ardent party stalwarts to leave; RW has centralised the party far worse than it was under JRJ and Premadasa and he asserts his authority whilst demanding unquestioning obedience from inferiors. His disdain for democracy is apparent all over the party where power and authority devolved from the top down. This is the sort of a person crying for democracy in the government business.

Under RW leadership only his cronies are “appointed” to the Executive committee and they are not elected by the party membership. The Executive Committee members only answerable to the so-called ‘gifted leader’ whilst the leader answerable to no one. In practice, it is observed that the selection of unsuitable candidates to the Executive Committee often led to micromanagement and commonly to an inability to formulate coherent policy in the party itself.

Thanks to RW’s draconian rule, the UNP, once a formidable political party, is now a feeble party isolated by most party stalwarts. According to the insiders right now only spineless few continue to patronage RW and they are dreaded making any decisions in RW’s absence.

This ‘born leader’ is dreaming a dream to become the head of the State of Sri Lanka one day. Yet he lacks the basic characteristics of a good leader. Truly he is a living example of an impotent leader with no passion to succeed, commitment, competence or courage to challenge his opponent. His decision to field a proxy for the presidential election with a hope to enter the government business from the back door sums up everything.
-Sri Lanka Guardian
kahagalle said...

I more than agree with Nanda on her assessment. SB and Johnston who crossed over recently gave ample details how Ranil is running the party as a dictator. However, the so-called international press or hundreds of web sites sprung up to attack Rajapaksa never question his conduct. The nepotism and the class struggle in UNP are well known for decades, but no one publicize the facts. Even to support SF was taken by force in the UNP executive committee, UNP must be ashamed of joining hands with JVP who has killed more than 6,900 UNP members simply because of party affiliation.
As mentioned elsewhere, SF is known as Yakshaya in his ranks and file is an ungrateful person. We quite do not know what the strings are behind. Perhaps he may be acting on American Influence to topple the government the way the Americans want. Fonseka may not have any desire to live in Sri Lanka after his retirement, and he is only working for his American masters so he can live comfortably in America at the end. The notion of patriotism and hero are just words without any meaning for Fonseka.