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‘I will to abolish caste structures if I am elected leader’– Bahu


(October 30, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Dr. Vickramabahu Karunaratne! Welcome to the Straight Talk forum of the Sri Lanka Guardian. You are one of the longstanding and a well-known politician in Sri Lanka. You are also a physicist and writer. So let us start with some personal questions. You started your political carrier when you were a student at the University. You were kicked out of the University, because of your role in politics there. You are today a politician by profession. Just remind us how did your political life start?

I stared politics when I was a student. The university as you said wrongly sacked me. I was doing mathematics. I became a full time politician thereafter. Then I filed a case against the University administrator in the court.

So what happened to the case?

I won the case at the Supreme Court where the Court ordered to restore my status at the University.

But we don't see you teaching at the University right now?

Yes. The Supreme Court order was not implemented.

What are you planning to do?

My lawyers are currently working at the matter and they will be filing a case again in the Supreme Court.

At present, there are questions being asked about fairness of judicial decisions. Are you comfortable that real justice will be forthcoming?

True. I don't have trust, but what to do, we have to continue our struggle within the system.

You claim that you are a communist. Are you still ?

Yes.. I'm

Do you think you and your colleagues who believe in communism can archive your goals when Marxism-Leninsms has failed in other countries and at present in Sri Lanka?

We are fighting for that and I think one day we will achieve our goal.

I feel that you are dreaming. Are you sure you can achieve your goal?

Once people get to understand, it is possible.

It seems you are very optimistic. Let me ask you what is your support base? Is it growing constancy?

Yeah.. recently, we organized a meeting in Kandy, where more than 1,000 people joined us. So I think support of the people is growing.

I feel leftism in Lanka has been betrayed by the left?

That's true. It’s not only in Sri Lanka but the World over those engaged in Marxist politics have betrayed their own political ideology for personal gains. Same thing has happened in Sri Lanka as well. This doesn’t mean leftism in Sri Lank is dead.

If people elected you as the President of Sri Lanka one day, what will you do as your first task?

Firstly, I will change the constitution from presidency to a democratic parliament, with devolution to satisfy minority nations.

Do you think that caste hierarchies which have divided the people in the country must be abolished?

It should be and with legal backing if necessary.

Do you agree if your child must get married to a low-caste if you belonged to a higher caste?

Of course if they want, I will have no problems.

We have seen many so called “Communists/Socialists” were punished on three occasions in the history in Sri Lanka. More than four hundred thousand people have died, in 71, 88-89 and the entire struggle in addition that by the LTTE or the Tamil Tigers?

They are not communists but racists. Foolish movements that did not understood the real ground situations.

So according to you, even the LTTE is also a foolish organization?

Yeah.. Their follies made them eliminated.

It seems you agree with the elimination of the LTTE. But you were one of leading politicians who was against the War on the LTTE?

Yeah. I was against the War in the terms of Marxism. And still disagree with what the military did to bring an end to the LTTE in May 2009. There are no reasons to kill them all. If their actions are follies, instead, should have engaged in a political discussion to expose them and deal with the political problem politically. They are some other way than a military solution.

How many times did successive governments tried to conduct negotiation which the Tamil Tigers? Isn’t it right that all possibilities were destroyed by the LTTE? Even they went against Ranil Wickramasinaghe, the man who promised to find a political solution during presidential election in 2005. They ordered the Tamil people to boycott the election, stating that Ranil’s efforts are international conspiracy?

Yes.. As I said their own follies made them destroy themselves. I'm the one who strongly condemned when the Government killed Rohana Wijeweera, the late leader of the JVP.

Well you were against the war against the LTTE, but today you are supporting General Sarath Fonseka who led the war against the LTTE?

We are struggling for justice in this country. General Fonseka is also one of the victims of this inhuman governance of Rajapaksa.

Yesterday Udul Premaratna the convener of Inter-universities federation was arrested by the police. But no one was arrested when students were attacked by protesters in-front of Klaniya University?

We strongly condemn Government’s poor way of controlling the student unrest and their plan to abolish free education in this Country. They are dancing to what the capitalists want and saying they have patriot policies.

Are there any possibilities to change this Government which have two thirds majority in the parliament?

Yes. People will understand and they will one day evict this blood thirsty government. Once they realise there is no space for Rajapaksa's inhuman acts anymore, they will respond. It is not easy to fool the people all the time.

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