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JHU's Propaganda secretary is unclear about the future of his party but is very sure about the President.


(October 27, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Minister of Agriculture, Environment and Industries of Western Province Udaya Gammanpila said today (27/10/10) President Mahinda Rajapaksa will win the 2015 Presidential election even if there is change in the UNP leadership, as the UNP has lost credibility as a party. He said this to Sri Lanka Guardian in an interview.

Here extract of the interview

Q. How do you know the President will win again in 2015, if there was an election? Are you following any astrological predictions about this?

A. This is not the matter to be predicted astrologically, but is the ground reality. Today, the main opposition party is paralyzed. Its leadership is unable to face with the current situation and is unable to put up a challenge against the President. We cannot see any major direction change in the UNP for its victory in the next election.

Q. Well! you started your politics with the JUH( Jathika Hela Urumaya). What will happen to the JHU in 2015? Any thoughts on this?

A. There are no particular developments that could decide the future of the JHU. I cannot predict on it at present.

Q. UNP says they have Sajith Premadasa, who can take over the leadership after Ranil Wickramasainghe for a victory in 2015.

A. Sajith is not ready to take over the leadership at this time. But he will be a leader in 2015. Unfortunately, they cannot change this government though.

Q. Do you know any secrets of this government?
A. Yes, this government is conducting elections very often. These elections are causing problems for the oppositions and leading to repression of the people. Then there is a weak opposition at present.

Q. Only elections are held. But there are no permanent solutions to the people's burgeoning problems, say for example cost of living?

A. You can’t say like that. The government has a long term plan to solve these short term problems.

Q. K.P.- a very special prisoner and is under the good care of this regime. He has started his political campaign, whilst General Fonseka his now been forced in to the Walikada prison.

A. About KP! I don't think he is doing any political campaign work. He is a prisoner, but he has agreed to work with the Government. He is a man who knows the LTTE’s international network. If we have to eliminate the LTTE fully, we have to eliminate their international network. For this purpose we are using KP.

About the General! We Sri Lankans will remember him forever. He has thrown his full effort to crush the LTTE. We must pay our gratitude for this to him. But, if he did wrong things while on or off duty. He is punished because the law is equal for all.

Q. You defend KP. Do you think he should be allowed to work in the North just because he is providing information about the LTTE's international network?

A. We should be happy that KP is now working with the Government. It is not easy to demolish the LTTE's international network. It will take a long time. We must use him tactically. But I cannot say anything further which may breach the security of the nation.

Q. Even there is serious accusation that Military Court martial that punished Gen. Sarath Fonseka was presided over by the junior military officers in violation of the military rules.

A. I am sorry, it is not true. There are no such rules.

Q. So you mean you fully agree with the Court Martial of Gen. Sarath Fonseka?

A. It is law and we must respect it.

Q. Finally why the Government of Sri Lanka has allowed KP to work openly and given opportunities to him to talk to the media and travel around the county, while the junior LTTEchaps are languishing in detention?

A. There are some issues which I cannot talk about here. They are sensitive issues, which relates to the national security. But we have to be mindful that we have finished the LTTE on the ground but it is not the end of the LTTE. We have to finish off its international network altogether.

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