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Deva takes steps to fulfill the Shortcomings of Innuvil Maha Vidyalaya

(October 27, Jaffna, Sri Lanka Guardian) Douglas Devananda, Minister of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development chaired the Inuvil School Development Society meeting held in the College premises on 23rd October, 2010 and took steps to supply the college with many requirements that it urgently needed.

There are 1039 students receiving education at this school and is a much sought after school in Jaffna peninsula. Sathanathan, Principal of the School speaking at this meeting pointed out many shortcomings experienced by the school. He said that the college play ground gets inundated with water during rains due to lack of a proper drainage system and that it needed to be attended urgently and also they required a Multimedia Projector to impart the students with modern knowledge. As the college doesn’t have any labourers for attending to the up keep of the premises, he urged the Minister to explore the possibility of assigning the service of a Gardner.

Speaking at the meeting the Minister said that the politics that prevailed in the past not only barred the students from studying but forcibly took them to “Ponguthamil” and brought about a total destruction of their school career and, if there were problems they should have been solved through discussions. Speaking further the Minister said that what he told 20 years ago had come to be true today. The Provincial Council System that came into being consequent to the 13th amendment to the Constitution, was a means to solve the problems of the Tamil speaking people and that it soon would be established in the North as well, the Minister added.

The Minister made immediate arrangements to make available a Multimedia Projector needed by the school, the Development of the Playground and other attendant problems would soon be looked into, the Minister assured.

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