Sport teacher broke the hand of a 13 year old student.

by Harshi. C. Perera

(October 08, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) R. A. Asila Lasanga is a 13-year-old student and studies in grade 8 at Rabuka Maha Vidyalaya. Asila when to school as usual on the 23rd September 2010. The fifth period was scheduled for sports and the teacher was Upul Shantha.

Shanta took the students to the playground and asked them to practice throwing a javelin which was made of wood. When it was Asila turn to throw the javelin it struck a fellow student who came out from the front of the students.

Shantha, without making any inquiries into what had happened assaulted Asila using the wooden javelin. Following the beating Asila cried because of the severe pain. One of his friends took him to the first aid room where he remained until the end of the school. At no time did any teacher come to inquiry as to what had happened to him.

After school Asila went home and described the incident in detail to his mother. At that time his hand was swollen. His mother applied various traditional herbals but the swelling and pain continued with showing any sign of getting better. After five days, on the 28th his mother took Asila to the government hospital in Rakwana. There he was admitted to ward number 6 and the doctors who had examined him asked his parents to take him to the general hospital in Ratnapura immediately.

On the 30th September Asila underwent surgery to his hand. The hospital police post recorded a statement from him and the Judicial Medical Officer also examined him. He was discharged on the 1st October.

The next day Asila and his parents went to the Rakwana police station because the police had requested them to do so. Upul Shantha was also summoned but did not appear. The police took the signature of Asila to confirm his presence at the police station and told his parents to return on the 4th October..

Asila and his parents returned to the police station as instructed and on that day both Upul Shantha and another teacher were at the police station. Both of them were chatting with the OIC of the station in his room about a quarter of an hour.

After that the OIC summoned Asila and his parents to his room and told them to settle the matter for Rs.5000/=. He made a note and asked them to come to the police station on the 6th October to receive the money but Asila’s mother refused the proposal outright.

Asila has been absent from the school for 14 days. His right hand was broken in the assault and it will take several months to overcome the injury.

Asila’s mother had complained the incident to the Human Rights Commission, the Child and Women’s Bureau, the Child Protection Authority and the IGP.

They wish for justice for their son.
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