BANGLADESH: Hizbut Towhid linked with LOT and Al Qaeda

 Hizbut Towhid in its different publications being distributed among youths is trying to teach them that jihad or military program or armed struggle is a must to establish the rule of Islam.

by Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

(November 18, Dhaka, Sri Lanka Guardian) Since banning of notorious Islamist militancy group Hizbut Tahrir in Bangladesh, Bayejid Khan Panni alias Selim Panni, the founder and kingpin of Jihadist group named Hizbut Towhid has become extremely active in establishing broader links with Al Qaeda, Loshkar-e-Toiba and many other regional Jihadist terror outfits, with the ulterior motive of waving ‘Islamic Revolution’ in Bangladesh.

Hizbut Towhid head office is located in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka at House No. 4, road no. 18, sector no. 7, Uttara. Selim Ponni, claims himself to be ‘Imam-uz-zaman', by placing him just behind the prophet of Islam. He terms working women as and women in politics as 'prostitutes' and gives his own 'Islamic Code' for men to marry any number of wives. His interpretation is, “women are created only for sexual pleasure of men and this is their only task”.

Selim Panni projects Jews and Christians as true evils and preaches killing them or raping female members of Jewish and Christian societies as “divine task”. He also teaches his followers to wage any type of offensives on the West. He believes in theory of hate speech and poisoning the minds of innocent people with his self-made imaginary statements and stories, which are aimed at creating tremendous hatred in the minds of Muslims against Christians and Jews. He calls upon Muslim in waging Jihad [Holy War] against Jews, Christians and the Western world, for the 'sake of Islamic revival and establishment of HuT rule'.

Bayejid Khan Panni’s activities came under constant attention of counter-terrorism experts, when his book and DVD named Dajjal was released in 2009. At the beginning of the page, an article is published in English titled ‘The true call of Eslam’, where Panni wrote, "to people, who are aware to even a minimum degree of what is happening around them in this world, it does not come as any surprise what pitiable situation the population of about 1600 million or 160 crores people who claim themselves to be Moslems are in. They are being subjected to untold horror by all other peoples of this world, defeated in every aspect, insulted, humiliated and killed. Their places of worship, their mosques, are being razed to the ground or turned into offices or clubs. Their women are being violated and killed. Yet, this is the people who go by the same name of those who were once the masters of this world. All others looked upon them in awe and respect, they ruled over half of the total land mass of the then world. They were the people who established the way of life [Deen] given by Allah over all the areas they conquered; they ruled unrivalled as none was there to challenge them in any aspect for they held the highest position in terms of military might, advances in science, civilization, in areas of new discoveries, inventions, technology and economic strength. Yet, all this could do little to prevent the wrath of Allah when the time came- and centuries have passed since they collectively lost in military confrontation to European Christian nations and accepted their subjugation in their lives. During the process of these defeats, lakhs and lakhs of these Moslems were killed, under tanks, burnt and buried alive-and shot dead, their dwellings were burned down. Their females faced the worst fates, being sold to brothels across Europe and Africa. Yet, the wrath of Allah has not ceased to this date. Christian forces in different parts of Europe namely Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo, Czechoslovakia, Chechnya, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Eritrea-in Asia and Africa-in the Philippines, Buddhists in the Arakan, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Sing Kiang [China] - Jews in the Lebanon and Palestine, Hindus in the whole of India, especially Kashmir, are carrying on with the persecution and massacre on the Moslem people with relentless pursuit. There has not been a single instance, where any Moslem minority has expressed their will to live as Moslems and they have not been persecuted. They are taken into custody, subjected to inhumane torture, hung or simply left to die. All because, they want to live independently as Moslems. In the history of mankind, no other nation has endured the level of humiliation and insult that has been heaped on this people. The incidents in Bosnia are such that, they are no comparison in human history; where thousands of Moslem were killed and dumped in mass graves, more than two hundred thousand Moslem women were systematically raped, impregnated and held in concentration camps to prevent them from aborting their unwanted offspring. Eventually, they gave birth to children of their Christian violators."

Hizbut Towhid in its different publications being distributed among youths is trying to teach them that jihad or military program or armed struggle is a must to establish the rule of Islam. With such notorious motivations in mind, hundreds of young members of Hizbut Towhid are taking combat training in disguised camps within Bangladesh. In recent months, Lashkar-e-Taiba and Al Qaeda are also believed to have been secretly connected to this notorious Islamist group, with the common agenda of staging offensives on Western establishments in various nations including Bangladesh.

At Hizbut Tahrir’s Uttara headquarters, Bayejid Khan Panni spends 2-3 hours everyday giving Jihadist indoctrinations to his followers. Various types of tactics in penetrating into ‘enemy’ societies are also taught during these sessions. Panni even gave sermons allowing a few of his suicide squad cadres in making habit of consuming alcoholic beverage in order to prepare them to easily mix up in various societies in the world.

Current government in Bangladesh though banned Jihadist publications as well fanatic publications of Abul Ala Moududi [founder of Jamaat-e-Islami], it is yet to go into real offensives against Hizbut Towhid in stopping notorious activities and publications of this terror outfit. Taking the advantage of such situation, Hizbut Towhid is still continuing its Jihadist propaganda through websites as well as publications in Bangladesh and a number of nations in the world. Tell a Friend