Sri Lanka's first Formula 1 even ends in failure

 Sarith Mahinda Sloan (F1 Correspondent)

(The F-One News -- March 15, 2016)

(A Formula One track is planned for the New Port City to be constructed in the vicinity of the Colombo Port. According to the Chairman, Ports Authority, Dr. Priyath Wickrama an eight lane F1 track will "definitely" be a part of the New Port City, he said. - A Sri Lankan Sunday publication January 10, 2011)


(January 14, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Sri Lanka's much feted entry into the Formula 1 racing scene ended in failure today when officers from the New Port City Police set up check points at several places around the 3.3 kilometer track stopping the drivers and arresting several of them for failing to have valid Sri Lankan driving licenses. At several other points around the track drivers were flagged over and ticketed for driving in excess of 70 kilometers per hour.

Schumacher Rajapakse, the Minister for Formula 1 Racing was unavailable for comment. However, the Deputy Minister for Ministerial Affairs and Everything Else, Mervynder Silva announced that he had already planned an attack on the television channels that reported the news and aired it internationally.

Additionally, a spokesman for the President, Mahinda Rajapakse, released a press release in which the President blamed pro-LTTE activists and members of the opposition for blowing the situation out of proportion in an attempt to further discredit the Rajapakse government.

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