Slow death by 'Hakka Pattas'

(May 10, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) ‘Hakka Pattas’, - an improvised explosive device used to hunt animals is the latest to be used by hunters in the Trincomalee area. (Click on image to enlarge)

During the height of the fighting between the LTTE and security forces hunters had free access to firearms and ammunition and therefore frequently used them to hunt down animals.

But, with the return of normalcy and the non availability of firearms hunters now use gun powder from fire crackers and use cycle ball bearings to turn out the device. In order to attract animals such as wild boar, deer etc the device is laced a flour, rice or thriposha.

However at times cattle or elephants too have been victims as in this picture captured in Namalwatta, Morawewa in the Trincomalee area.

Morawewa Police said several persons who planted the device were questioned, but no arrests were made.

Area veterinary surgeons said they were unable to treat the animal as the damage was severe and it would likely die without food or water.

(Pix by Amadoru Amarajeewa)
Source: Times Online

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