To save who from whom, the government wants Army camps all over the country?

Sri Lankan Army soldier - File Photo
by V. Anandasangaree

(May 23, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The news that the Defence Secretary ordered the setting up of army camps all over the country to strengthen the security of the country has created fear and tension among the people. This step of the Government is considered as its first step for its plot to establish a dictatorial Government. It is beyond ones imagination as to how our people suffered under the dictatorship of the armed groups working under the garb of freedom fighters. Furthermore they have not yet forgotten how they lived under the subjugation of these groups. This decision of the Government comes a as great shock for the people who are disgusted with the presence of the army and are yearning for the withdrawal of the Forces from their midst, both in the North and the East. Like many others, I too feel that although it is said that these camps are going to be set up all over the country, it is being purposely being done to scare and harasses the Tamil People of the North and the East. This move will never achieve the desired object but will only end up in terrorising the Tamil People all over the country. My strong advice to the Government is to abandon this move. The Government should not scare the people, with something that is not in existence. There is absolutely no trace of anyone organizing the rebellion. There is hardly one person who can be called a rebel. Furthermore this is not the way to suppress a revolution.

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