Flow of Foreign Money to Disintegrate Nepal

Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal (RPP-N) supporters shout slogans during a protest demanding the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly outside the Constituent Assembly building in Kathmandu on May 28, 2011. Nepal's ruling parties were locked in 11th-hour negotiations to try to avert a fresh political crisis, with hours to go before parliament's term expires. - Getty Images
by Dirgha Raj Prasai

(June 08, Kathmandu, Sri Lanka Guardian) The U.S, Britain and the European Union with an intention of incorporating the structure of ethnicity-based federalism and secularism in the new constitution have provided the Dalit, indigenous nationalities, women, minority groups of organizations and other ethnic organizations and individuals with Rs. 10.1 million (11 crore), it has been revealed.

These foreign nations have issued a statement in the language of a warning that they would stop the flow of money if the receivers do not abide by their direction. Likewise, Britain, Denmark, Switzerland, European Union, America and United Nation’s various organizations have been providing financial support to poor and backward communities to shed their ties with Hinduism and join Christianity. This has been repeatedly published in the report of daily newspapers of Nepal. The European Union, Norway in particular, has been providing support in arms and money before and since the people’s uprising to the Maoists.

It has been revealed that not only the Maoists but the leaders of Nepali Congress and UML including other political parties have also received such support. An article published in ‘The Hindu’, an Indian newspaper, on November 15, 2008 mentioned S.D Muni, the RAW policy maker, providing Rs. 1 billion during the uprising in 2006. The article can still be read through online service. All the political leaders that came to power after 2006 are known to be corrupt and fraud. Although Girija Prasad is dead his anti-nationalist activities have created many difficulties for Nepal. We should not forget that a dead fish does not swim rather floats in the lake. Politics without an ideology is analogous to the dead fishes that float. A political leader supports an impartial ideology on basis of reason and result. However, in Nepal it is just the opposite. We don’t see anything else but lie from leaders in Nepal. Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir has said that a leader that does not scruple before he takes the country into war cannot be a leader. Since in Nepal, the so-called leaders are doing so. A leader in Nepal that kills, kidnaps, steals and calls strikes and spreads anarchy is respected as a leader. This is a trend now unfolding in Nepal, and due to which Nepal is degrading day by day.

Everyone must have understood that a sky cannot have two suns. For how many more days will the pillage of the state treasury continue under the cloak of false details? Prime Minister Girija Prasad and Interim Constitution Commission’s Laxman Ghimire including non governmental organizations, human rights organizations and the so called civil society activists have actively participated in the act of drowning Nepal. As per the rumors, Laxman Aryal and Subash Nembang, speaker CA had taken high amount of money from CIA and European nations to incorporate secularism and republic in the interim constitution. CIA and foreign intelligence agency is well informed of how, whom and where it should utilize money to gain its influence. The corrupt and fraud leaders of this nation have in one way or the other taken money. The western nations have been gaining their objective of weakening sovereign nations by not scrupling to commit crime and hatching conspiracy. Such so called indigenous organizations and leaders of party are being fed by the foreigners cannot be hidden.

In this way their high handedness has crossed limits in the Asian nations. It has already been published in Gorkhapatra’s edition of April 11, 2010 that the international forces are contriving to muster economic resources amounting to billions to destroy Nepal; that many international non government organizations are spending 10 to 15 billion yearly to alter Nepal’s identity by edifying its religion and culture by Christianity. The foreigners have adopted a new agenda for succeeding these works. Similarly, Annapurna Post’s edition of March 11, 2010 had exposed that non-governmental organizations of Nepal, specifically under these nations, are spending Rs.10 to 15 billion every year. That so-called civil society came to be working as employees of the CIA.

We should remember- 'never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream.' In politics reason and judgment are the qualities of a leader. But in Nepal all the leaders following the quotation of the former PM of Israel, Golda Meir- 'A leader who doesn’t hesitate before he sends his nation into battle is not fit to be a leader'. So, we should never forget the fact that the sky can't have two suns.

The international intelligence agencies’ conspiratorial policy is based on moral degeneration of the people of the nation targeted for disintegration through a gradual weakening process. To gain this end the backward groups, communities, brokers of ethnic groups, and organizations are provocated to break the unity between the citizens, and through such organizations rebellion is instigated, and terror, theft and strikes spread. Many European and Asian nations use the same technique of disintegration. An ethnic rebellion was inspired in Chechnya of Soviet Union. Yugoslavia was disintegrated into various states on ethnic line. East Timor was separated from Indonesia. Lebanon witnessed the sour relation between the Christians and Muslims, the creation of two government and bloodshed. At the beginning of 2011 Sudan was disintegrated into north and south due to ethnic and religious wars. Shi Lanka is emancipated from LTTE's armed struggle. Since 2006, the western nations and their intelligence wings have been making effort for Nepal’s destruction. Nepali people are resentful of foreign nations’ act of pouring billions of money to turn Nepal into a Christian state and destroy the established foundation of the Hindus. Tomorrow Nepali people may chase them away. Nepali people, no matter where they may be, will come forth to save the existence of their nation. May they be able to foresee such a possibility!

This year, in April Inter Disciplinary and System (IADA) carried out a survey. The survey revealed that 96 percent of people did not accept federalism, 57 percent agreed that Nepal should be a Hindu nation, and 48 percent gave their opinion in favor of democracy with constitutional monarchy. The Nepali people living abroad and in the nation are uniting to save Nepal’s existence against traitors that have taken the course chosen by foreigners against the sentiment of Nepali people to impose secularism and federalism. Voices are rising from all corners that Nepal’s existence must be saved at all cost from Nepali Congress, UML, Maoists and other traitors. In reality the westerners ought not to have any envy or jealousy towards this official holy land of Hinduism and Buddhism. However, they believe that their duty lies in stimulating their brokers to establish Christianity by breaking Hinduism and Buddhism. The western nations flexing their muscles of money want to turn Nepal into a base to disintegrate China through Free Tibet. But it is not as easy as they have imagined.

Nepal is not alone anymore. China among others will be forced to take up arms against imperialism and expansionism. The nude dance presented by European nations and CIA will make them insecure. Nepali people cannot tolerate the injustice done by Christian nations. Our ancestors never looked to their selfish motives when saving the existence of Nepal. The foreign nations have provided high amount of money to the traitors here to organize them against Nepal. The incumbent rulers have understood, “No one can topple us.” However, in the days to come they will not find any shelter to hide in this land. Nepali Congress that used to think it as the advocate of constitutional monarchy and democracy was corrupted by money and state power which has caused its destruction. The Maoist rebellion was caused by the greed and impatience of Girija Prasad when he was in power.

After 2006 CIA, RAW and some international non- governmental organizations poured unlimited money in name of conversion of the religion, the change of religion to bring Nepal to its current position. To disintegrate Nepal, it would be suicidal for all the Nepalese political leaders to seek suggestion from India, European Union, America for solution when Nepal is facing attacks from foreigners in its every phase. The nation cannot be run in this fashion. Let us by cute the Constituent Assembly whose destination is to disintegrate Nepal in the name of secularism, republic and federalism. The leaders, who are the agents of foreigners, have already failed. So, there should reinstate the 1990 constitution with the monarchy. Then, we, the patriotic Nepali people, openly oppose the conspiracy hatched by traitors and foreigners for the security of the identity and sovereign existence of the nation. We must be conscious to save this pious land-NEPAL. 

(The writer can be reached at dirgharajprasai@gmail.com ) 

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