Ignoring Balochistan

People from Balochistan are not only the victim of poverty and illiteracy but faces military operation in time to times. Today's biggest problem of Balochistan is law and order situation.
by a Special Correspondent

(July 01, Islamabad, Sri Lanka Guardian) Balochistan which makes 43% of Pakistan suffers from a critical situation in respect to education, health and peace. Balochistan was merged in Pakistan by British colonialist in 1948. Balochistan which has only a small population of 9 million has always been in the eye of anarchy. Since 1948 to today different government in Pakistan has claimed for the development of Balochistan but nothing practical development was observed.

Balochistan which keeps a very strategic location geographically is bounded by Iran and Afghani boarder in the east and south west. Balochistan which is in rich of mines also has five warmed ocean in Mekran and Gaddani is observed to be a very peaceful place for investment. According to geo logical survey of Pakistan there are 1 to 7 meters thick hemitatic sedimentary iron stone found in Balochistan reserved is estimated to be 200 millions tons. But it is sad to much heart to say that 47% of Balochistan's total population lives below the poverty line. People in Balochistan are deprived of their basic rights like education, health and shelter. Balochistan which constitute only 7% of Pakistan in respect to population has a very little literacy rate of only 19 against National literacy rate of 52%. The literacy rate among male is 19 the lowest in country among women 9% only.

There are 10,381 educational institutions 8.6 out of total no in province are in a critical condition, 27% needs a major repairs, 36.6 need a minor repairs, 10% school lacks building, 12 to 15% lacks electricity, 12% institutions are with out portable water, 11% are with out proper toilets only 30.27 are in a satisfied condition according to governmental survey but people and intellectual in Balochistan don't agree with this survey, further survey says total no of institutions in country are 216,490 Balochistan has lowest institutions only 10,381 among which there are only two public universities in Balochistan, one engineering university in district Khuzdar and only a single medical college in all over the Balochistan. There are 106,435 institutions fund in Punjab more than a dozen no of universities and Medical colleges seen in Lahore capital of Punjab out of total no of institutions in Pakistan, 46862 educational institutions are located in Sindh and 36029 in Khyber pakthoon kowa. 48% educational institutions fall in Punjab, 22% in Sindh, 17% in Pakthoon kowa and only 5% in Balochistan.

Quetta the largest city and provincial capital has only 20 colleges, 47 schools, 1 medical college (the only medical college of Balochistan) and two universities.

On the other hand according to geographical survey of Pakistan Balochistan is the richest province of Pakistan in respect to natural resources like coal, gas, chromate, barites, sulfurs, iron, ore, quartzite, lime stone, and marble.

The biggest storage of mines found in Recodik which has an area of 7635 km bounded by Iran and afghani boarder is situated in kohey daleel near district chaagi which is known as EL5 geographically. According to wiki pedia has storage of 2600000000 dollar gold and copper. Recodik has only an expenditure of 3 Arab dollars.

From Pakistan to Europe wherever copper and gold is found as compared to recodik two qualities of mines keeps a standard value 23 Moz Au is in second number, standard quality of gold found in Romania is 14 Au Moz. Recodik comes in 2nd number. Recodik for the first time was surveyed by an Australian company in 1993 later on Australian company sold this license in hand of a Canadian company. In this way recodik project had three participants including Balochistan government. According to company agreement sec 24 page 41/42 what ever the expenditure comes out of which Balochistan government has to pay only 25% of total expenditure. Other 75% is divided among two multinational companies of chili and Canada which was thought to be the 5 worst and most corrupt company in the world. 25 places in recodik (EL5) were pointed out for digging purposes in order to find gold and copper. The following companies began to work some how five to six kilometers which is 0.8% of total area.

Recodik which is named as EL5 geographically as a total amount of 2 lak ton copper and 250000 gold onus. According to balochistan government Total amount of mines storage in recodik is equal to 5000000000 us dollar. According to teethan copper company (TTC) of Canada it has to spend 3300000000 us dollar among the given amount it has to construct a road of 682 km from Gwadar to recodik which has an expenditure of 1700000000 us dollar in order to carry the mines in Gwadar port but constructing companies like FWO and Descon rejects TTC this amount.

People from Balochistan are not only the victim of poverty and illiteracy but faces military operation in time to times. Today's biggest problem of Balochistan is law and order situation. From 1948 to today five huge military operations has taken place in Balochistan. First military operation was observed in March 1948 when state of Pakistan occupied Balochistan, soon after the occupation Khan of kalat prince Aga Abdul Kareem resisted against Pakistan. And started armed struggling for the independent of Balochistan. Aga Abdul Kareem was arrested by Pakistani forces and hanged. After the collapse of Skindar mirza's government (1958) in Pakistan Ayub Khan came on government who claimed for the better Balochistan but he also gave the same gift which before was given by state in 1948. As a result of Ayub's military operation (1962) Baloch once again resisted consequently Babo Norooz Baloch laid his life for a great purpose that was the freedom of Balochistan. Baloch has always been resisting for the freedom of Balochistan from 1948 to today. As a result of resistance five huge military operations had taken place in Balochistan. During a period of 22 years (1977 to 2002) Baloch resistance was observed to be calm but in 2002 near dera bugti a Baloch separatist group BLA claimed for blowing Sui gas pipe line. During General retired Musharif's regions too many development schemes began in Balochistan but Baloch labors and engineers were ignored. Baloch anger rose when they were fully ignored by Pakistan in Gwadar project, labors and engineers were brought from Punjab and other regions of Pakistan but local citizens of Balochistan were ignored. The second reason of Baloch anger raised in 2005 when an army officer violated Baloch hostility and raped a lady doctor in broad day light in Sui and was freed by Musharif. Political parties including native of Dera Bugti stroked against this act and urged the government of Pakistan to punish lady doctor's rapper but Pakistani independence judiciary hands down in front of Pakistan army. In order to cool down that case Pakistani forces started military operation in Dera bugti and killed 119 men, 69 ladies and 39 innocent children. Great baloch leader Nwab Akbar Khan bugti moved toward mountains for this extra judicial act of Pakistan and was assassinated by Pakistani jet and commandos in 25 august 2006. Frustration grew among the masses of Balochistan after Nawab's extra judicial killing. Media including human rights organization kept silent over this situation frustration grew more and more. Pakistani military forces did not change its rigid policies and started military operation in Mekran in 2007 and killed two Baloch leader DR. Khalid baloch and Diljan Baloch.

As a result of military operation it burned too many stove bookies in shape of Nwab Akbar, Balach Mari, Diljan, Dr. Khalid, Sahadath khan Mari and Sohrab Jan, RIF Baloch and many more.

When Baloch national moment rapidly became in the eye of international media Islamabad and its policy makers started a series of abducting and dumping of baloch students and political workers. Pakistani intelligence agencies started abducting innocent baloch in order to condemn baloch national moment. Pakistan army including agencies with her tooth and nail started military operation, abducted baloch leaders and students. Pakistani agencies in broad day light kidnapped Gulam Mohammad Baloch of Balochistan national moment (BNM), Lala Munir and Sheer Mohammad baloch of Baloch Republican Party (BRP) in April 2008 at Turbat in Advocate Kachkool's chamber soon after threw their mutilated bodies some how 20 kilo meters far from Turbat city. Soon after this incident Pakistani military agencies abducted Rasool Bakhsh mengal of BNM in Khuzdar, Qamber chakar of BSO Azad, Ilyas Nazar a student of university of Balochistan, siddique eido district coordinator of human rights commission of Pakistan pasini zone, Naseer kamalan of BNM, Ahmad dad of BRP, Lala Hameed Baloch a local journalist from Gwadar including them other 204 baloch students and common citizens were from different areas of Balochistan abducted and killed by Pakistani military agencies. Today even more than 9000 baloch youth, adult including 158 baloch ladies are in custody of Pakistani agencies. ISI and MI activities in Balochistan are increasing day by day. Today balochistan is in hands of Frontier corps who are violating human rights in Balochistan. People from every field of life don't feel themselves secure mostly Baloch writers and journalists. Balochistan is in a critical situation, every coming days in Balochistan brings a deformed and mutilated body with it. Baloch urge the international media including UNO and other competent authorities to look after this situation and should be playing their role in order to stop Pakistan violating human rights in Balochistan.

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