Ground report: Widespread public perception of military links to ‘grease devils’?

(August 15, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Image released by Police Headquaters which was saved allegedly in the phone of a 16 year-old who was arrested for a number of robberies in the Uva Province.

MP Vijitha Herath stated in Parliament that some are attempting to get female blood in order to obtain the legendary gold crown and sword from Dutugemunu and that there is a connection between the Government and these incidents

At the same time there is another rumor spreading that a blood offering of 1000 young women is required for the reign of the president to continue

Some political commentators have stated that since the government is being pressurized by the international community to get rid of the emergency rule, the government is using the military to create a tense situation to justify the continuation of emergency regulations

Other researchers are of the opinion that this is an attempt to gain the support of the majority community and create ethnic disharmony among the communities in the light of the immense international pressure against the government on war crimes and gain political power. This could be the reason why the incidents relating to grease men are prevalent in Tamil and Muslim areas in the East.

Those who think on religious lines say that these are the spirits the dead coming to haunt us, particularly the spirits of those who faced violent deaths in the past.

Some of these “grease men” have also suffered injuries. Whatever the reasons may be the police have been accused of not carrying out their duties.

- Sri Lanka Brief

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