The killing fields also the playing fields of uncivilized barbarians

One of the biggest mistakes that these uncivilized barbarians make is that they under estimate even the basic intelligence of the others.
by Subran
(The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to,the Sri Lanka Guardian)

(August 31, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian)
Fertilised by the flesh and blood of the tens of thousands of the Tamil civilians massacred during the closing stages of the racist war against the Tamil people in early 2009 with the connivance of India, Pakistan and China, we are now told that the northern areas in Sri Lanka the traditional homelands of the Tamil people have yielded very good agricultural returns in rice and vegetables. Agricultural lands becoming increasingly fertile in the aftermath of a major war where there wholesale massacre is not a new phenomenon. In East Timor nearly 65,000 were killed during the Second World War by Japanese bombings and the land became fertile. Likewise lands in the Pacific islands that suffered the same fate are said to have become fertile in similar unwarranted massacres of tens of thousands of people such as in the main island of Tarawa which was subjected to constant bombings by the Japanese.

In the instant case of Sri Lanka, we are looking at the area of the Vanni where more than 40,000 Tamil civilians were massacred in the guise of defeating Tamil militancy led by the LTTE where it was thought that the only way to defeat the LTTE was the wholesale decimation of the Tamils, men women, infants children, the old the disabled and the infirm. We are not going into the details of the Tamils being lured with Indian complicity over a period of one year into areas most vulnerable only to be eventually destroyed in their tens of thousands. Tamil militancy arose in desperation in consequence to decades of the Sri Lankan State terrorism.

The killing fields in early 2009 became the happy hunting grounds for the tribe of uncivilised barbarians headed by the Rajapakse family. Here we have to distinguish the uncivilized barbarians from the civilized. For instance, in the early middle ages the Goths and the Ostrogoths marauded and pillaged parts of the Roman Empire, yet history looks at them as civilized with Theodoric the Great being referred to as a civilized barbarian. We are now in the twenty first century where these barbarians act within a culture of absolute impunity.

The massacre of the Tamil people during the early 2009 should be viewed in the light of the Gobellsian doctrine of the defence secretary Gota abhaye, the brother of the President Mahinda Rajapakse, the most cantankerous of them and a human version of the Tasmanian devil, now turned a political philosopher who declared at the very outset that anything was fair in war. This was a war waged by the Sri Lankan government against their own people whom they claimed they sought to protect.

It must be remembered that the massacre of the civilian Tamil people as the only way of vanquishing the LTTE was done with the blessings of the venerable Buddhist priests. The Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka are a law unto themselves. Although Sri Lanka is predominantly Buddhist there is not a single Tamil who is Buddhist not because of its founder and his philosophy but because of the manner in which the majority of the monks have been behaving. Suffice it to say, that a former prime minister SWRD Bandaranaike who introduced the Sinhala language as the only official language and gave Buddhism its pride of place was killed in September 1959 by a highly politicized and powerful Buddhist monk who was his very close associate. He was convicted along with his accomplice another Buddhist monk for the murder.

Since then the monks have become powerful having graduated into gaining places in the parliament on chauvinistic policies. There is the case of a former monk parliamentarian, who we are told is now being tried for sexually molesting teenage novices aspiring to become monks. There are also cases of some of these brand of parliamentarians using violence against each other requiring immediate hospitalization for example the case of squeezing the scrotum of another monk parliamentarian. In response to the BBC Channel 4 programme the “Killing Fields” it was said that a monk had produced another Video, the first of those to be produced to refute the BBC documentary with dialogues in the Sinhala language dubbed in Tamil to indicate that the barbaric crimes were committed by the Tamil militants. The Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka are famous for producing fake documents including counterfeit currency notes for which they had been found guilty at a time when there was a clean justice system. There will soon be a series of other videos trying to contradict the Channel 4 BBC documentary. The more they try to counter this the more they put their feet in where their mouths are.

One of the biggest mistakes that these uncivilized barbarians make is that they under estimate even the basic intelligence of the others. The Chinese race that consider themselves the most civilized and cultured on this earth are on a mission to enslave these uncivilized barbarians permanently. The principal tragedy is to provide spending money to their leader and pocket money to the heir apparent. Unlike in a true democracy in a dictatorship this is easily done. You buy up the leader and rest are your slaves. When the uncivilized barbarians wake up to this it would be too late for they would realise that they are slaves, thanks to India.

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