A dastardly attack carried out by thugs on the UNP meeting in Colombo.

| by A.J.M. Muzammil

(September 20, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The same government that boldly claimed they will have no problems winning the upcoming Colombo Municipal Council Elections has now resorted to brutality and thuggery in a desperate attempt to stifle the will of the people. The government has realized the futility of its attempts to deceive the citizens of Colombo through breaking election laws, blatant abuse of public resources; and is now resorting to violence against the opposition.

This was startlingly evident by the malicious attack by thugs, at a UNP meeting that took place yesterday (19th September, 2011). The attack led to the destruction of the home of the gentleman who organized the event. The crime he was guilty of was the exercise of his democratic franchise. These thugs then proceeded to my election office in Bambalapiya; where they destroyed vehicles that were used for election purposes. There is credible evidence that this attack took place with the blessings of an elected member of the government.

One has to question the rhetoric of the opposition candidate who claims to be a gentleman and a scholar - why has he not condemned this attack? The response by this candidate to this heinous crime is a true reflection of his character.

The dauntless support shown by the people of Colombo to the UNP during this election is undoubtedly why the current regime endorses such brutal tactics; as a last resort. They fail to understand that violence will not reap dividends on Election Day. In addition, they must learn that these tactics will not stop or prevent the aspirations of the people from reaching fruition. Perhaps, the government has yet to learn that the people’s power is an indestructible powerhouse which will always prevail.

The people of Colombo will resist all attempts at violence and coercion; and I remain confident that, as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, the people of Colombo will go to the polls on 8th October to deliver a resounding verdict for democracy.

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