Tamils in Colombo and Mano Ganeshan

| by Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan

(October 05, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian)There is no chance of getting a Mayor of Colombo from the Tamil community now. It, therefore, follows it is important for all Tamils – indigenous, those of recent Indian origin (“Indian Tamils”) and Colombo Tamils – to empower someone known to the country and the polity to take care of their interests. No one fits this role today better than Mano Ganeshan from the Democratic People’s Front. While it is almost certain the Indian Tamils, in the absence of a strong candidate from the CWC,will very likely vote for Ganeshan, that alone may not be enough. It is necessary for the other Tamils also to close ranks and vote for Ganeshan and his nominees to ensure a strong voice in the CMC – home of a large concentration of Tamils. Ganeshan’s courageous stand in the past where he risked his life and political future on behalf of the Tamils of the North-East Province should not go unrewarded.

It is understood, in addition to Tamils, he has a substantial following among the Sinhalese and Muslims in the less advantaged areas of Kotahena, Mutwal, Mattakkuliya, Grandpass, Dematagoda, Maradana, Borella, Wellawatte, Narahenpita and other areas in the CMC region.

It is either Milinda Moragoda on behalf of the UPFA or Muzzamil for the UNP – who have the required resources and the backing of a larger political mechanism - who might become Mayor on the basis of the larger amount of votes they will bag from the wider Sinhala and Muslim communities.

Tamil voters, therefore, should use their franchise wisely to ensure they do not lose out in the melee. They should have a very strong and influential voice to speak for them in the coming months when the allocation of resources - houses etc - becomes an issue. It is only a united voice that can bring them solace and relief.