Massive response to "sink the seminar" campaign

(November 11, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) The recent Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice ‘Sink The Seminar’ campaign has had a fantastic response from concerned individuals around the world. Over 3,500 contacted governments around the world within the first 24 hours of our campaign website's operation. The were demanding that their Governments not whitewash the reputation of Sri Lanka's military for brutality and rights abuses – as documented in the United Nations report of the Secretary-General's panel of experts on accountability in Sri Lanka. However so far all 25 Governments are still set to attend, with Austraila reconfirming their position.

The campaign asked for individuals to demand that their countries boycott Sri Lanka’s "Galle Dialogue Maritime Conference”. The conference will feature a series of seminars and banquets hosted by Gotabaya, the Sri Lankan MOD, and the Sri Lankan Navy.

Sri Lanka Campaign Director Fred Carver, in response to the thousands of individuals who have taken part in the campaign , said, “It is important that the Government of Sri Lanka is made to realise that they will not be able to simply brush multiple allegations of war crimes, torture and impunity for rights abusers under the carpet. This event is hosted by the chief suspect in an ongoing war crimes investigation at the behest of an institution (the Sri Lankan Navy) against which there is also credible evidence of war crimes.

"By attending what are essentially PR events, government representatives legitimise the actions of a Sri Lankan State that continues to violate international norms on rights, freedom and democracy."