The Working Process of Human Rights Activists & Christian in Nepal

Nepalese Christians attend Christmas Eve mass at The Catholic Assumption Church in Lalitpur on the outskirts of Kathamandu, Nepal on December 24, 2010. Less than one percent of the 27 million population in the largely Hindu Himalayan nation are Christian. (PRAKASH MATHEMA/AFP/Getty Images

l by Dirgha Raj Prasai

(December 27, Kathmandu, Sri Lanka Guardian) We Nepali people have never denounced Christianity other faiths. Christian Machinery started entering Nepal after 1950 and Nepali people have remained tolerance since that vintage. After 1989 Christians started to covert people of other religions. However, what happened during the people’s uprising in 2006 was unconceivable. It is now revealed that those who led the protest rallies in the frontlines vandalizing and chanting extreme slogans were all Christians. Those responsible for vandalizing the statue of Prithvi Narayan Shah were Maoist Christians. Former Home Minister Krishna Sitaula, said to have been recommended by Indian intelligence agency ‘RAW’, and the Maoist, faithful to be RAW have annulled the holiday given on 27th of Pousha BS-the National Unity Day and Prithvi Jayanti. Nepali Congress is filled with such traitors. 

After the uprising the parliament which had been abolished four years ago by King Gyanendra in recommendation of NC, UML and Maoist, was revived by Indian design. After the revived of the dissolved parliament about a month, traitor-Krishna Sitaula distributed 4 million citizenship certificates to Indian nationals who were moving in Tarai. We all are in the mindset that none of the indigenous tribes of Terai as Jha, Thakur, Tharu, Rajbanshi, Yadav, Kurmi and Dum, Muslim were deprived of the privilege of citizenship certificate. The amendment of the act appertaining to citizenship had not been for the local residents of Terai but it was directed solely for so-called Madhesi people they came from India. On 18 May 2006, one month after the reinstatement of the parliament Subash Nembang in capacity of speaker of the parliament declared Nepal a secular state without the mandate of Nepalese people. Nembang undoubtedly came under foreign influence and bribe. What kind of suppression can this be called? In midst of such treasons Nepalese people will not remain silent. They are blaming the Christian machinery and Indian intelligence to destabilize Nepal's peace and prosperity.

The Christians with the declaration of secularism entered villages of Nepal and poured their black money. It is said that the Maoist party consists of many Christians who are now occupying polite bureau and government's top positions. It is widly believed that the incumbent Prime Minister-Baburam Bhattarai is a Christian. It is say that he secretly visits church. It is rumored that he had played an important role in turning Nepal into a secular state. It is our misfortune that we have to look up to such an anti-Hindu PM in a holy land where more than 85% population is Hindus. However, PM Baburam Bhattarai has not cleared whether he is Hindu or Christian. It is astonishing that PM Bhattarai had performed a Hindu religious act during Dashain (Hindu festival) this year by receiving Tika (red vermillion) from his father. Why did he do so? Could it be that it would have aroused the anger of his father if he had abstained from that religious act? Anyway, Dr. Baburam Bhattarai’s life is full of confusion, illusion and destruction. None of his logic or reasoning has truth. He is the same Baburam whom had once opposed Madhesi demands. To become PM Baburam conceded many demands including inclusion of 10,000 Madhesi youths into Nepal Army and the demand ‘One Madhes One State’. How shameful!

Baburam Bhattarai goes to India and works for Indian interest. Baburam has lost credibility in the national politics. He wants to destroy Nepal’s identity at any cost. Many activists and leaders within his party- Mohan Baithya, CP Gajurel, Ram Bahadur Thapa, Dr.Rishiraj Baral and other have branded him as Indian agent and traitor. What can be more shameful than this? It is because of this that Maoist chair man Prachanda’s political career has also come to an end. Had Baburam and Prachanda been innocent who could have made such accusation? Both the leaders have carried out acts detrimental to the nation and their criminal acts will not be a prelude to a prosperous future. It is better to be beggar than become a PM like Baburam who has not dignity. A few years ago in a program of the Christians held at Open Theater, Prachanda had openly warned of kidnapping those opposed to secularism in the nation. Is secularism for Christianity? Can Baburam and Prachanda answer to this question? If the Christians have set themselves against Hinduism by converting the Hindus then we will also move against this broker of Nepalese Christian as well as the Christian Mission who are investing fund. 

The Christians have entered many African and Arab nations showing the power of their money. They have played part in disintegration and pillage of many countries. The southern Sudan was Christianized and the nation torn asunder. There have been no peaces in places where Christians have tried their effort to convert others. The people of the West advocate human rights but they kill those not supporting Christianity. The United Nations human rights cell has also earned such reputation. Since the arrival of Ban Ki Moon as Secretary General of the UN, the world has witnessed no peace and human killing has increased. It is pointed question that if a Muslim, Hindu or a Buddhist is killed there arises no question of human rights. But when a church is broken down or a Christian dies such human rights activists create havoc. How discriminatory? 

So we do not like such human rights activists and Christians and condemn them. The Western countries are trying to convert South Asia into a Christian region. So we appeal to the Nepalese Christians to recognize their mother land and not support such acts of conversion. The most perilous condition in the world is that of women’s society. Can any Christian human rights activists or UN human rights cell or any other organization bring about a program for women’s security? No they will not bring any programs but only yearn to expand their Christian empire and carry out pillage in the world.

In the ancient civilization women’s society was independent and respected. As the time passed women whether Christian, Muslim or Hindu were gradually restricted to lowest and depressed circle. The subject of women, men and castes are different in their own respect. If women are deprived of their human rights in terms of their biological weakness the world will witness a diabolic rule. Sexual need is perforce the issue of creation. To keep women in a confined cell for sexual need and to contemplate for a developed world is an illusion. If men and women are given equal opportunities there will be no space for inhumane culture to prosper. Had Christians spent their time in this subject there would have been a special achievement. But they do not want to tread such creative path. It will be in vain to hope for a new civilization and creativity in the world if we fail to give a new momentum to the world in terms of policy and programs.

In the world many women have become queens, many became heads of state; many prime ministers and ministers. Women have had the opportunity to sit in many decisive positions but there have been no programs to end the oppression, injustice and rape of women. There have not been such programs to make women independent and secured socially and legally. The Christian mission has been apathetic to such a vital issue. The problems of women from poor and backward community have degraded. The plight of Muslim women and Nepal’s Badi (depressed traditional sexual activist) women are subject of injustice and victimization. Who are going to free them? Where are human rights activists? In the world Muslim women are bound by suffering. The countries where America, UN and European nations have entered have not known peace. It has become a common incident when a woman is raped and killed. 

In context of Nepal, the human rights activists are all renter and hunger of money. They are the opportunists who advocate for those who can give them money. No one should support such criminal acts. May no one be victim of such acts! Was there insecurity when Nepal had been a Hindu Kingdom? There was a good management for security. The Christians were not disrespected. Such a dangerous situation had not prevailed. The Maoists that took up arms against the, corrupted, anti-nationalist and misguided rule of Nepali Congress and UML is also aware of this fact. After the 12 point understanding-2005, the Indian intelligence wing made the Maoists its agents. So Nepal’s situation is critical. Everyone now knows the frightening and insecure situation that takes over in absence of the royal institution. So we must forthwith stop the work that will destroy the nation and stop following such deceitful leaders. We need a 'Sovereign-Nepal'; for attaining which we must reinstate the royal institution on its throne and request King Gyanendra to wear the crown again. Then we can rescue the nation and we can secure people. 

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