BLF ambushed the Pakistan military convoy in Buleda,while ISI backed group is attacked by BRA

| by Our Special Correspondent in Balochistan

( January 31, Balochistan, Sri Lanka Guardian) The patrolling convoy of the Pakistani paramilitary force FC is ambushed in Solu, Buleda town of Balochistan by Baloch (Sarmachars) freedom fighters. In this successful ambush six personnel of Pakistani occupying forces have been killed and eight others injured and vehicle completely destroyed. According to local media reports the convoy of three vehicles of invading forces were patrolling in the Solu area of Buleda sub district when came under attack by Baloch freedom fighters.

Meanwhile the Baloch Liberation Front’s (BLF) spokesman Gwahram Baloch informed media through a satellite phone from an undisclosed location ,accepted the responsibility of the attack on FC convoy and said in this ambush 6 FC personnels killed and 8 injured,while vehicle completely destroyed.The spokesman vowed by saying that they would not relent and continue their attacks until Balochistan is liberated from Pakistani occupation.

Separately, four members of Amaan Lashkar (Peace Force), an armed group created by Pakistan military to counter Baloch freedom fighters in Dera Bugti region, were killed in clash with Baloch freedom fighters. The incident took place near Pat Feeder in district Sui. According to police unknown gunmen have ambushed a camp of peace lashkar in Pat Feedr area of District Sui; resultantly a commander of Peace lashker and three of his associates were killed at the spot during face to face battle.

The killed leader of Aman Lashkar has was named as Atta Mohammad s/o Ali Mohammad Hamzani Bugti also known as Commander Lora.

The spokesman of Baloch Republican Army Sarbaz Baloch accepted the responsibility of the attack, adding that Baloch Freedom fighters also took the arms of the dead personnel into custody and eventually detonated and destroyed the camp completely.