Frustrated army harassing Tamil school girls in Pudukudiyiruppu!

Jaffna ghetto of increasing military intelligence activities!!

| by our correspondent in Vavuniya

( August 24, 2012, Vavuniya, Sri Lanka Guardian) According to news reaching from the former LTTE hideout in and around the north-east Pudukudiyiruppu, Vanni, military men engaged in non-combating patrols are heavily engaged in harassing the Tamil school girls.

Military men on their rounds in vehicles and road patrols are targeting Tamil school girls attending evening private tuition classes. They are seen forcing chits to the girls. The girls in fear are accepting the chits fearing of consequences if they do not accept them from the gun wielding army personnel. The chits confirms the cell phone numbers and the military men are said to be asking the girls to phone them.

The girls have complained to the parents that the army in duty are approaching them and are unnecessarily engaging in chats and making explicit gestures. The patents according to reports published in the Tamil media are said to concerned for the safety of their children and are struggling to deal with the difficulties faced.

News reaching from Jaffna and reported in the Tamil media confirms that the military intelligence unit is strengthening its operations in the north. In particular in the Vadamarachchi area, suspicious and anonymous men are on the move with the help of the gun carrying Tamil men who are roaming around during nights.

Last night (22/8) gun carrying persons in civilian dress has raided a house in Karaveddi. They created mayhem even to the extent of searching the deep wells around. Whilst the civil contingent was in action, the military men in uniform are seen giving cover to the civil dressed operatives. The roads around the house was blocked and the surrounding houses were extensively searched.

According to a resident, the house targeted is the residence of two elderly couple. The raid was undertaken to find intelligence information of arms hidden in there. The intelligence men had visited the house again next day and have undertaken further search.

The photographs taken of the raid confirms that the military intelligence men in civilian dress are mostly former LTTE fighters. They are confirmed to be accompanied by military men and women soldiers.