India: PM Modi Should Prevent AIADMK Party From Collapse

Today’s problem in AIADMK is between Palaniswami and Panneerselvam as to who should be the supreme leader of the party.

by N.S.Venkataraman

There is an ongoing unseemly leadership wrangle  in AIADMK party in Tamil Nadu .  AIADMK party which was founded  and  strengthened by former popular  film stars MGR and Jayalalitha over several decades with a large mass base ,  looks like  breaking down , which would not be good for the interests of Tamil Nadu.

Edappadi K Palaniswami and O Panneerselvam. Credit: PTI Photo 

 In the last state election, in spite of DMK forming a strong alliance with several parties  and AIADMK   also forming an alliance with less number of parties , DMK could get more votes than AIADMK only by around 3%. This speaks volume about the popularity of AIADMK in Tamil Nadu.

In the last five years, after the demise of Jayalalitha   and after a few hiccups, Edappadi  Palaniswami   emerged as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu   and provided a reasonably stable administration. He adopted a co operative attitude towards the central government and avoided unnecessary and counterproductive friction in the centre state relationship.  This was a healthy trend.

 However, after the DMK has come to power ,  friction with the central government  is  being deliberately created by the DMK government under one pretext or the other . Hate politics against the central government  appears to have become the central theme of DMK  , leading to counter productive politics that is impacting the progress and healthy climate in Tamil Nadu in several ways.

Apart from DMK, a few  friendly parties of the DMK government  too have been speaking and issuing statements in abusive tone against Hindu   religion and questioning the several traditional practices in Hindu temples . For DMK, it appears that more than any other issue, focus on Hindu religion has become the  priority.   In view of several controversies created by the DMK government unnecessarily like on the NEET issue, National Education Policy  apart from interference in administration by party men, there is a climate of unrest and violence emerging in Tamil Nadu. These conditions are  avoidable if the DMK government would conduct the administration focused only on economic development with   cooperation of   the central government.

Overall, it appears that a sectarian or separatist content is being practiced in the affairs of the state by the DMK government.

Under such circumstances, weakening of the opposition party AIADMK  would leave DMK unchallenged in  pursuing  some of  its negative strategies, which  would do harm to the short term and long term interests of Tamil Nadu and India.

All said and done, the leadership of AIADMK is committed to the unity and integrity of India,  much more than that of the DMK party.

It is well known  that after the demise of Jayalalitha,  when AIADMK was facing virtual split between the faction leaders , Prime minister Modi intervened and ensured that AIADMK would stay united

O.Panneerselvam , the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu  has  publicly said a few days back that he was advised by Prime Minister Modi to work with Edappadi Palanisawami with cooperation and Panneerselvam  said that he accepted the advice of the Prime Minister.

At the present time, similar intervention by Mr. Modi is necessary to ensure that AIADMK would not split and the progressive forces in Tamil Nadu with nationalist thoughts would remain strong.

Today’s problem in AIADMK is between Palaniswami and Panneerselvam as to who should be the supreme leader of the party. It appears that the overwhelming view of the partymen is in favour of Palaniswami,  though  Pannerselvam is hailed as a good and decent person.

To protect the unity of the AIADMK, what is required urgently is that Pannerselvam should be given a face saving formula by Mr. Modi  to exit from the leadership tussle and protect his position in public life,  Mr.Modi can appoint Panneerselvam as Governor of any state or as  full fledged cabinet minister in central government, which he is likely to accept in the present conditions . To make him a minister , AIADMK  should be a firm coalition partner with BJP and  AIADMK under the leadership of Palaniswami would agree to this arrangement.