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D. S. De Silva, 26th advisor to the President

(December, 20, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) President Rajapakse has added another to his ‘fleet’ of advisors- D. S. De Silva, the 26th in the row. Some see this addition as an effort by the President to keep his number of advisors also abreast of the President’s largest Cabinet of Ministers in the world! Azwer, another of the President’s many advisors said that this appointment is for the President to see villagers playing cricket. - A wonderful whim in the national interest!

However, due to impediments in the Agricultural and tourism sectors, the country’s growth rate has dropped to 7% for the third quarter of the year as against last year‘s for the corresponding period when it was 7.7% This was revealed at a media briefing yesterday (19 Dec) by the Department of Census and statistics.

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