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Rabid Marxism of JVP

(January 21, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Thanks to the proportional representation system, the JVP is in parliament few days ago and able to criticise all those who are not in agreement with their policies.

Their political power is dependent on the poverty of the poor and chaos in administration as a result of an unstable government. When a stable government is in power, the JVP is seen shouting slogans and holding placards at Lipton Circus, places of work and the universities, protesting against imaginary ‘problems’ and demanding ‘justice.’

They cherish holding any government hostage until it surrenders to their terms such as ‘unplugging’ World Bank connections, bringing down the cost of living, crushing the Tamils militarily etc.

They supported President Kumaratunga to topple the UNP government in an undemocratic manner when they saw there was some stability in the country and a solution to the ethnic problem was in sight.

They are always for war and disorder because they thrive purely on the misery of the masses. A war brings in its wake death, destruction, poverty, lawlessness, loss to the economy and the country, and chaos in civil society, all of which provide fertile soil for the JVP to grow, and stand up as the saviours of the poor.

This provides ample space for them to appear as the champions of the poor and then adopt strategies to garner the votes of the poor.

Their economic plan to salvage the country and solve all problems is uprooting all tea plantations and planting manioc trees, unplugging the World Bank connection and stopping the import of oil and gas, making people walk or use bullock carts for their transportation and using coconut husks and firewood for cooking.

Marxism has miserably failed in its country of origin, breaking the mighty USSR to pieces; so much so that Russia and China are now openly inviting capitalist investment in their countries. They are offering ample opportunities and concessions for multinationals to invest in their countries for they know that their well-being and survival depend purely on the inflow of foreign capital.

May be the JVP is focusing its activities on the young students in the universities because they hate to have intellectuals as was the case in Mao’s China in the 1950s. Under Mao’s influence China drove all intellectuals and professionals such as scientists, engineers and professors to work with farmers and labourers while the Red Guards staged the Cultural Revolution.

The Soviet Union too harassed all intellectuals there because it considered them a hindrance. The JVP did the same thing here in 1970 and again in 1989/90 and murdered all academics who refused to toe their line.

The JVP’s attitude all along has been to ‘sit on the horn and to chew the ear.’ When the JVP is helpless and impotent, it works to sabotage the activities in the country pushing it down the precipice and then present themselves as patriots and good Samaritans to win the votes of the people.

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