Be Together For All : Another Game in the War on Terror

How come some senior security officials become so rich within short span of time?
Will the President initiate a serious investigation?

(February 04, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) A source close to the government circle said that there is discontent within ranks in the government forces that Senior Officials are financially thriving since the current escalation of war. Brigadiers, senior commanders, navy personnel, air force officials and even senior police staff have become mega rich in the climate of life and death war situation in the country.

These sources say some high ranking officials have bought exclusive luxury houses and building properties that their normal salaries can ill afford. Some officials have bought properties in the upmarket Cinnamon Garden (Colombo 7) area.

The source commented in anonymity ‘when valiant soldiers from the poor families are risking their lives and fighting a bitter war, these corrupt and irresponsible senior command officials are pre-occupied with establishing themselves from the money squandered from somewhere’.

The source also confirmed some senior officials have even sent their children overseas for education. He asked ‘how on earth these officials could fund with their meagre salaries they earn’.

This source identified three sources for the corruption.
  • Illegally selling arms to undesirable elements.

  • Links with the Colombo underworld.

  • Obtaining Kappang (Bribe) from Tamils arrested by the government forces.

The source also reflected dumfounded anger that the so-called self made guardians of the nation JVP and the JHU are maintaining pin drop silence about this terrible crime that is plaguing the forces. He also reflected his disappointment with opposition United National Party (UNP) over its silence. (3/2/2008)