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Sri Lanka funds LTTE front radio station in London

(February 29, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Sources close to the controversial satellite Tamil Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) operating from London confirms that the Sri Lankan government is funding its operations on a monthly basis. The said radio station is claimed to have aligned with the LTTE in Sri Lanka, India and in the Tamil Diaspora.

Information reaching from TBC confirms it is receiving £5,000 per month from the Sri Lankan government. According to the informant, the said radio station is receiving funds for over three years.

The controversial radio station came under public scrutiny following revelations that it is closely associated with the LTTE recently. Within the past six months the TBC radio has permitted LTTE activists to engage in programmes to espouse their cause.

The TBC is managed by Pussallawa born Veeraiah Ramurajaha who is well known as Ram. He has been accused of engaging in terrible anti-social activities including bank robberies, rapes in Sri Lanka and credit card fraud, drug dealings etc in the Tamil Diaspora. He is an active member of the Indian based Eelam National Democratic Liberation Front (ENDLF). This group is accused of committing over ten murders in the Indian soil-one of them is said to be an Indian citizen.

TBC’s Ramujaha is said to be a state benefit claimant in the UK and had undertaken extensive trips to India, Sri Lanka, Canada, Germany and France since his release from imprisonment in Geneva last year over large scale credit card fraud.

Sri Lankan government pays £5,000 per month to facilitate two hours of airtime programme of the TBC in the state run Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation. Ram is also being accused of not accounting for the large sums of money he had fraudulently taken from the radio listeners. Sources close to Ram confirm that the two break-ins at the TBC some months ago involving the LTTE activists were a conspiracy hatched by the radio station with the LTTE gangsters to generate income for TBC.

The government of Sri Lanka is said to be channelling funds to Ram without scrutinising how the funds are being spent by him.

Image: Pussalawa born Veeraiah Ramurajaha

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