Asian Tribune Editor K.T.Rajasingham attempts to blackmail Sri Lanka Guardian.

- Calls and threatens journalist

- Drops names of politicians in order to intimidate

- Says he is the only person who can manipulate government and Ambassadors

by Editor in Chief

(March 20, Colombo - Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) The acerbic Asian Tribune Editor K.T.Rajasingham reeling under several defamation law suits to be filed against him for over 500 million Dollars and widely regarded as a hate monger dealing in sewer reportage sent a letter to a contributing journalist for this website blackmailing both the journalist and editor of The Sri Lanka Guardian by threatening to sue if an article titled "Government Pandangkarayas playing hell in foreign missions." posted on March 19 is not immediately removed.

This website will strenuously resist any legal action and will counter sue the Asian Tribune for blackmail. We also wish to state that we will not be intimidated by the tactics of the Asian Tribune.

We reproduce in full the letter sent to us by the Asian Tribune.

"From: Editor
Date: Mar 19, 2008 1:12 PM
Subject: Demanding immediate removal of libelous and slanderous news item - Government Pandangkarayas playing hell in foreign missions
To: Nilantha Ilangamuwa

Dear Mr. Nilantha Illangamuwa,


We note with concern that you have published a libelous and a highly defamatory and slanderous news item against me in your 'Sri Lanka Guardian' dated 19 March, under the caption "Government Pandangkarayas playing hell in foreign missions."
We demand that this news item be immediately removed from your website.

Also note that in case you failed to comply with the demands forthwith and notify us, we are instructing our lawyers to institute legal action against you and the writer of this news item and your publishers in Sri Lanka.

We expect an immediate response.

Thanks and regards.


Rajapsingham at 10.30am on March 19 and before sending the above email telephoned the said journalist and threatened him by using many names including many top government officials. He also uttered several falsehoods about the website and the said journalist. The Sri Lankan Guardian is now in the process of making a complaint to the proper law enforcement authorities regarding the threatening telephone call and the attempt by Rajasingham to use the names of government officials and politicians in the course of the said call in connection with the attempt to intimidate a journalist into submission.

Rajasingham told journalist Nilantha Ilangamuwa it was only he who could influence and manipulate the government and the Ambassadors and not to play around with him. Shouting at the journalist for over half an hour Rajasingham demanded to know the name and telephone number of the Editor of the Sri Lanka Guardian. This is despite the fact all details are permanently posted on the website and easily available.

This is just another example of the culture of impunity and the suppression of the media prevailing in this country with a new report calling Sri Lanka the third most dangerous country for journalists after war torn Iraq and violence wracked Pakistan. It is better that the government distance itself from a man of such low caliber like K.T.Rajasingham.

- Sri Lanka Guardian
Anonymous said...

Asian Tribune a very low and all know K.T.R. no influence with anyone and lying to look important.

Anonymous said...

This man is a fruad and should be fully exposed. Well done Sri Lanka Guardian don't get intimidated

Unknown said...

KT was a Harleyite who completed his Senior school certificate in 1956.When most of his school mates were continuing with higher studies, KT was inspired to serve his community and in pursuance of this ideal embarked on Politics. The saying "the Spirit is willing BUT the flesh is weak" applies when we have lofty morals which something within us prevents from following.
Accordingly he was attracted by the lucrative side of Politics and continued his service. (disservice disguised as 'Service' which works well in Sri Lanka as the majority are guillibe.) Thus he has gradually progressed to serve even better on a worldwide scale through Asia Tribune.
I wish him Good Luck and may the triple Gem Bless him to return to equanimity

Anonymous said... a hali alright!

Anonymous said... a foul mouthed person and has no morals or journalistic standards. He will write anything and everything to please his erstwhile political masters and does not know the meaning of good journalism. It is a shame that he hangs about in Sweden purporting to write when he should be languishing in a court house answering for his sins and getting cross examined. One hopes that he in fact files a case against the Guardian. It would be interesting to see how he faces cross examination in court where he will become fair game for everybody. Good luck to him.