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EPDP Threatened the Indian Government (Update)

- If India Interferes In the Internal Affairs Of Sri Lanka We will Destroy Their Investments - Says EPDP

- I am sure the Party leader will come out with a "misquoted" statement or a clarification - Col. R.Hariharan

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(March 29, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The EPDP member and its French operational head Arumugam have threatened the Indian government for expressing its concern over Sri Lanka over the military pilling up arms to fight its long standing internal strife with the LTTE. EPDP (Eelam Peoples’ Democratic Front) is a partner in the present government and its leader Douglas Devananda is holding a cabinet portfolio.

In a political discussion programme of pro-government radio broadcasting from a European Country, these strong threatening comments have been made by the EPDP official.

During his comments he stated ‘piling up arms is a legitimate right of the sovereign government and India has no right to express opinion on it’. He had further said, ‘if India attempts to put pressure on Sri Lanka, we will burn and destroy the Indian investments in country and also we will help the Kasmiri extremists by supplying arms to them’.

Arumugam’s comments come just after EPDP’s calculated outburst following its utter defeat in the local elections in the East of Sri Lanka.

However, according to a retired Head of Intelligence, Indian Peace Keeping Force in Sri Lanka 1987-90, Col. R.Hariharan, “I would not attach too much importance to this statement of an overseas representative of the EPDP. We do not know whether it is the authorised view of the party on the issue. I expect the party leader Douglas Devananda to come out with a clarification. Or he may come out with a "misquoted" explanation to save face. It depends on the equation of the person who made the statement with his leader”

“I do not know what useful purpose will be served by the Indian PM's advisor MK Narayanan's statement. He made a similar statement sometime back also. Every nation has a right to consider its security priorities and take decisions. And Sri Lanka has no other options but to buy weapons from where they are available when it is fighting a war. After all India, for its own very valid internal reasons, is not meeting Sri Lanka's requirements. So MK Narayanan's statement is not likely to stop Sri Lanka from weapons procurement from sources it wants. I am sure MK Narayanan knows this. But we do not know what motivated him to make such statements. There could be a political and or diplomatic reason; otherwise a man in his position does not make statements like this. Both diplomacy and politics act upon indirect and direct drivers. So no point in getting hot under the collar on these statements. India-Sri Lanka relations have grown far too strong to be damaged by a few statements,” Col. R.Hariharan told the Sri Lanka Guardian.

“All these apart, every person has a right to make his views known and face its attendant consequences. Equally it is the right of those affected by it to respond to it as they perceive. This right applies more to sovereign nations like Sri Lanka to take important decisions affecting their national security in their own interest. And buying weapons is one such issue. This does not mean its neighbours who have different perceptions cannot air their views. And such friendly sparring between nations continue. It is all part of the great game of diplomacy. So sit back and enjoy the theatricals,” he added.
- Sri Lanka Guardian


Anonymous said...

This must be definitely a freak and irresponsible comment which has no value or real meaning. I know EPDP is not anti-India and it is not in a position to engage in such activities. However, EPDP must ensure such irresponsible comments are not made by its officials.

Anonymous said...


Your headline is misleading. Arumugam is not the leader of the EPDP. He is just a refugee in France. please don't treat his outbursts on TBC as official statements from EPDP. I don't think Tholar has the time to correct every time Arumugam says something stupid. May be Arumugam is on the pay of LTTE. MP Maheswaran was his cousin (mother's side). May be something going on there. Because TBC is ENDLF radio and TIR is EPDP radio.

Anonymous said...

This must be Arumugam's personal view and not the EPDP's, if at all Arumugam was quoted correct. Only those who heard the TBC will know the truth. Moreover the EPDP is not pro - Indian and that is why the EPDP wants the 13th amendemnet implemented in the North.
Like Col. Hariharn said to Sri Lankan Guardian, a leader of the Party has a right to make his views known, this is not the EPDP leaders Devnananda's view.

Anonymous said...

It is a known fact that Arumugam is a EPDP man and he is paid to do his job. Arumugam himself had claimed that he is paid Euro 1,500 per month by Douglas. Facts are sacred and you must not try to smudge them.

What really should happen is Arumugam should be given clear direction. He talks too much which is dangerours. His comment on this occasion is meaningless outburt. No one will take it seriously. It will only dent the EPDP for the calibre of people it has in it circle.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what Arumugan said.

Anonymous said...

If you agree with what Arumugam said, be practical and pack your bags and go to Kasmir or even join the Al Quida.

I am a firm believer in India's role to bring peace in Sri Lanka. You guys commenting anti Indian sentiments are mavericks who do not have any influence in the society.

You guys live in hidings having claimed asylum and living comfortable lives in the western world. If French people kick you hard like the Sinalese did, you guys will run next to Artic or even to Iceland and claim asylum there with the Dolphins.

Gutless fellows are making maverick statements.

Anonymous said...


You too suffering like the LTTE with mavericks around you. This is the unfortunate fate of the Tamils.

Anonymous said...

Another dog tries to bite the hands that fed it. Where would Devanada be if it was not for India? he would ahev been joinging his friend Arumugam in the line for social security handouts in Frnace.

Anonymous said...

I just listned to TBC. Arumugam says that he stands by his claim. I don;t think Arumugam is a member of EPDP. He is just lieing.

But one question about TBC. There are no good people like Gemini, Jeyathevan, Nemo, Bazeer and Shivalingam. What happenned? Only Jeganathan and Ramraj on it. I know LTTE's Nitharsanam and Tamileditors have shut down. Please tell me what is going on.

I think LTTE has taken over TBC to descredit the names of democratic parties like EPDP.

Anonymous said...

TBC is a dangerous mix of all the nasty forces. They are only interested in financial gains. They can be bought over easily. They will sell the Tamil people if someone offer them little financial reward. This Ramaraj was very anti-EPDP and then became strong EPDP. Once he was anti-LTTE then he was working with the LTTE men in London.

He went to Sri Lanka recently and met the EPDP leader and now giving coverage for Arumugam who is a known EPDP man.

Douglas has done lots of good things but also bad things. He did all these facing the LTTE head on. But his is not a broadbase political approach. He must change from his old culture.

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