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Rama Mani and the Gang

“The attempt by the foreign diplomats in Colombo and the notable foreign funded organisations and individuals to rescue Rama Mani as reported in the media is not surprising at all to those who closely observe what these conspirators were doing during the last few decades.”

by S. Akurugoda in Melbourne

(March 06, Melbourne, Sri Lanka Guardian) According to media reports, the Parliamentary Committee probing NGOs/INGOs was told hat the reversal of the decision of the International Center for Ethnic Studies to dismiss Dr. Rama Mani, its executive director, was influenced by written warning by the Canadian High Commission and the Ford Foundation. It was transpired that an expatriate UNDP official was also signed a petition demanding the reinstatement of Dr. Mani.

Among the NGOs/INGOs who had joined the said UNDP official to protest the removal of Dr Mani were National Peace Council, Foundation for Co-Existence and National Anti War Front.

It was also transpired that the Ford Foundation had funded the ICES to the tune of Rs 76 million. The Canadian HC had advised the ICES that its failure to reinstate Dr. Mani would be detrimental to their relationship and may endanger future Canadian support. It is said that these organizations among themselves had received Rs 200 million from FLICT (Facilitating Local Initiatives for Conflict Resolution).

These notable NGOs/INGOs and agents of the west were in full swing during Chandrika-Ranil era and almost all policy decisions related to the so-called ethnic issue was influenced by these treacherous elements. The foolish combination of these leaders and those who were said to be in the payroll of the said NGOs/INGOs attempted to mislead the country and the world saying that the military operation against LTTE is un-winnable.

We remember how Eric Solheim, craftily drafted the CFA demarcating the LTTE control areas and attempted to establish a power sharing PTOMS to provide tsunami funds from the international donors directly to those demarcated LTTE control areas in order to establish a separate entity as a part of a conflict resolution exercise. PTOMS was a ploy to give the recognition and legitimacy to the LTTE as the sole authority to represent the interests of all Tamils in the two provinces as a apart of long-term conspiracy to create a situation similar to Kosovo. Thanks to the patriotic forces of the country, the disastrous PTOMS was foiled; otherwise the country would have been partitioned by now.

Having realised that things have changed and the gang cannot fool any more, a new poly is set to encircle the President and the government to halt the operation against Tigers by hook or by crook.

Rama Mani’ gang, both in and outside Sri Lanka, will continue to raise human rights slogan in order to establish a UNHCHR office in Sri Lanka with the intention of bringing a UN peace keeping force. They will continue to make use of humanitarian issues to ensure easy access to their agencies to provide underhand medical supplies and other military assistance to the LTTE as done in the past. The gang will also do whatever possible to set patriotic forces against the President, paving the way for the UNP and their favourite leader to comeback to the driving seat at a forthcoming election.

The latest issue of communiqué under the heading ‘Return to War: Limiting the Damage’ from The International Crisis Group headed by the notorious Gareth Evans, who was once ‘invited’ by Rama Mani to deliver the Neelan Tirichevan memorial lecture and attempted to portray Sri Lanka as a country which needed intervention under an international undertaking known as Responsibility to Protect (R 2 P), has given a clear indication of what their views are towards this direction.

Perhaps these so-called humanitarian champions are not aware of the fact that Sri Lanka is the only country in the world that takes care of the welfare of its enemies as the Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickreamanayake quite correctly pointed out at a ceremony held at his office recently. The government continue to provide food, free medical supplies and finance hospitals in uncleared areas. The facilities and medicine that the government send there are being used to treat the LTTE cadres injured in attacks against the security forces.

In a ‘war against terror’ situation, no country in the world has so far reported to have maintained the so-called human rights or humanitarian levels set by these INGO groups. All what these groups do is to write something and issue communiqué regularly to satisfy their funding agencies for their own survival and to mislead the world.

Although the said organisations are said to be independent, non- profit and provide advocacy to prevent and resolve conflict, the basic question is who will just throwaway millions for nothing in return? What sort of advocacy was provided by these conflict resolving champions to US government to resolve the conflict created in Iraq and to stop the loss of thousands of innocent lives?

The attempt by the foreign diplomats in Colombo and the notable foreign funded organisations and individuals to rescue Rama Mani as reported in the media is not surprising at all to those who closely observe what these conspirators were doing during the last few decades.

What is surprising is why these NGOs/INGOs and individuals were allowed to continue on their business as usual within the country, knowing very well that their mere existence is detrimental to the very existence of the country and their agenda is beneficial only to the separatist movement.

- Sri Lanka Guardian

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