LTTE sabotages memorial meeting

(May 28, London, Sri Lanka Guardain) A memorial meeting organised by Mrs Rajes Balasubramaniam at the London Sivan Kovil Hall in Lewisham for Late Maheswari Velautham has been sabotaged by the LTTE activists. The Shiva temple managed by the LTTE agreed to hire their hall for the event and when publicity was reaching all corners of London, the Board of Trustees wholly consisting of LTTE activists cancelled the booking.

According to information, the Trustees have said that they cannot allow anyone undermining the LTTE and accused the Late Maheswary Velautham as a traitor to the cause.

The meeting was scheduled to be held on 1 (Sunday) June 2008. The sources close to the Trustees of the temple accused Mrs Balasubramaniam of taking an anti-LTTE stand and were critical that she had put up statements praising the dead politician.

Maheswari Valutham was assassinated by the LTTE bandits in military uniform on 13 May 2008, when she had visited her critically ill mother in Jaffna.

The London Sivan temple had permitted LTTE fundraising events and their campaign meetings until recently. One devotee disgusted with the decision of the temple management said ‘these chaps are criminal minded and are behaving against the very basis of the Hindu religion’. He quoted the Thevaram sung by Tamil Hindus and said Lord Shiva who is the premier God of Gods in the Hindu religion wears the skin of the Tiger below his hips to show his strength (Puli Tholai Arai Kasaithu) and how could these chaps reduce Lord Shiva subservient of the Tigers’. ‘This is disgusting and this temple is an embodiment of terrorism’ he said.

(Image: Lord Shiva wearing tiger skin is seated on the tiger skin mat. )When Rajes Balasubramaniam was asked about the decision of the Trustees she said ‘I am very disappointed and I cannot believe those oppose to violence cannot even mourn the dead. As a woman, I always campaigned for betterment of treatment of women in the society but what happened here in London is unacceptable and cannot be allowed to continue’.
- Sri Lanka Guardian
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