Art and Science of backing the Loosers!

by Kumara Kaluarachchi

(June 07, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) World’s most ruthless terrorist Veupillei Prabakaran and his LTTE supporters are playing the political games. First he and his goons backed Socialist Ségolène Royal openly during the French Presidential Elections, April 2007. They have spent money and manpower promoting Ms Royal. Unfortunately for them, Nicolas Sarkozy, the combative son of a Hungarian immigrant, was elected president of France.

Second was the London City Council election. This time they backed The two term London mayor Ken Livingstone, who was crashed out of office at the hands of the Conservative Party, whose candidate Boris Johnson was able to secure victory after a bitterly fought election campaign.

Thirdly, they backed Hillary Clinton for securing the nominations from the Democratic party for the US Presidential elections. TRO, the financial arm of the Tamil Terrorists spent millions of US$ lavishly on Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Poor Hillary has to return all TRO funds back to Tamil Terrorists when the Intelligence circles pointed out the true nature of the TRO. Today the candidate Velupillei backed is out of contest, badly beaten.

For an observer of world politics and terrorism, this is a hilarious event. Whenever the terrorist back a candidate for democratic elections, he or she looses. Wonder why? (LJ)
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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