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CJ’s threat to resign over salary

by G. Katupe Arachchi

(June 04, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) It was reported in the media — both the print and electronic—- that CJ, Sarath N. Silva had threatened to resign if salaries of the Judiciary, including his, are not raised. Of course, such prestigious positions should be well compensated with all perks and high salaries. But they should also earn that position by their performance, and hold the scales evenly.

Take the cases, especially of politicians who have been charged in courts for various criminal offences whose cases have been pending for several years without being heard and disposed of.

Even if such cases are taken up after long periods the punishment meted out is lenient, as seen in the case of Dr.Mervyn Silva’s fraud. If the same crime was committed by ‘Punchisingho,’ he would have been fined and jailed. Perhaps such a punishment on Dr. Mervyn Silva would have cost him his expulsion from parliament. Perhaps this may have been the reason for the leniency.
Had a deterrent punishment been imposed, Dr. Mervyn Silva would not have continued his criminal acts as in the case of attacks on the Rupavahini Staff and so will others.

What the people of this country — the voters — request of the judiciary and the police is to clear the political crimes, thuggery and usher in a disciplined society.
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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