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Demonstration in front of the Commonwealth Secretariat

(June 08, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) A mass demonstration has been organized by the Tamil democratic activists in the UK on 10 (Tuesday) June 2008 in front of the Commonwealth Secretariat, Pall Mall, London SW1Y 9HX to condemn the visit of President of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapakse who will be participating in the Inter Parliamentary Union Meeting.

The demonstration has been organized by the Group for Justice and Equality and in its statement widely distributed in London the group has appealed to the Tamil people to attend in large numbers to protest against the Sri Lankan president over the killing of innocent Tamil civilians.

The organisation is also protesting against fascist murderous activities of the LTTE, which is encouraging the military forces to commit untold sufferings for the Tamil civilian population. The organisation is demanding the international community to bear upon both the Government of Sri Lanka and fascist LTTE to stop killing the innocent people and stress the need for the President of Sri Lanka to maintain highest standards on human rights.

The LTTE fronts British Tamil Forum and Tamil Information Centre joined by Amnesty International too will be demonstrating with the exclusive agenda of only criticizing the Government of Sri Lanka.

In a footnote to the Amnesty International leaflet, the pro-LTTE Tamil Information Centre has stated: ‘To make these events successful the Tamil Information Centre(TIC) join other civil society organisations in calling everyone concerned with human rights and Peace in Sri Lanka to unite and show support to the human rights defenders and to register concern and protest against State Oppression and unjust war in Sri Lanka’.
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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