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Education anarchy.

(June 27, Colombo, Sri Lanak guardian) Education is too precious to be left in the hands of politicians. The mess created decades ago continues to go from bad to worse. Many articles on mishandled educational policies have appeared in all dailies since independence, but the attitude of all Ministers of Education and their bureaucrats has been all along a "you have your say we will have our way".

My son is studying in the Tamil medium at a Government School in Colombo. I am anxious that my son should have a knowledge of Sinhala, since we were born and bred in Colombo.
When I discussed the matter with the Principal of the school, he showed me a circular wherein Sinhala as a second Language and Business and Accounting Studies were lumped in the same basket of which a student could do only one subject. Business and Accounting Studies is a career-based subject which is a must for students who wish to pursue their higher studies in any business management courses.

This circular is depriving my son of learning Sinhala. The Government speaks of national amity, ethnic harmony, social integration and what not.. But minorities wanting to learn Sinhala are dumped in the dustbin as it has happened in the past and thereby continues to be disadvantaged.

From: Frustrated Tamil Parent
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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