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SLFP No More – Ranil

(June 12, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Opposition Leader, Ranil Wickremesinghe, told a News conference, yesterday (11Jun), that the original SLFP is extinct. Now, it is the ‘Johnnycomelatelies’, the discards of other parties who are ruling the roost, while seniors of the Party are sadly sidelined.

The UNP will always champion the cause of the media freedom and people’s freedom of expression which form the bedrock of Democracy and UNP will not relax or relent in its campaign against Govt.’s attempts to stifle those rights, he added.

The country is currently witnessing the worst threats to these rights never faced by the people before. For this Rajapakse Bros. regime; abduction, intimidation, assault and murder of Media personnel are a routine exercise, he regretted.

While the country has become a hotbed of high tension, dire economic problems and destructive war fallouts; the Govt. which is incompetent and incapable of solving these urgent problems, is trying to divert the attention of the suffering masses by holding untimely Prov. Council elections in the Sabaragamuwa and North central Provinces wasting people’s funds, said Ranil Wickremesinghe.

The Ministers, who are incapable of working in the interests of the people, find these elections something to keep them amused and occupied, taking their team of idling thugs and lackeys to the electorates. Don’t they realize that what people are looking forward to are relief measures easing their unbearable burdens this Govt. has heaped on them, and not, election and amusements?, Ranil asked.
- Sri Lanka Guardian


rohanana said...

How come this man Ranil is allowed to open his mouth again and let more garbage come out. Has he forgotten under UNP (JR and Premadasa) and then when he was the PM what happened to media? We have not forgotten how they oppressed the media even the Times group.

How can he say SLFP is no more when UNP is no more. Ranil has destroyed the great UNP we all knew. He takes on all the rubbish thrown out of other parties and promises everyone anything as long as he can be the president. We like to know what he promised Hakeem, was it East or more as a Muslim state?

Poor man is not only a fool (Ape Honda Gon Wassa) but getting demented now. It is him and his goons should have that label "Jonnycomelatelies" as it suites him better than SLFP. SLFP is also can where it upto a point.

merandy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
merandy said...

RW - What a Joker....Gon wassa in Sri Lankan politics

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