7 LTTE cadres killed in fighting : Palamoddai

(July 31, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) At least 7 LTTE fighters were killed in fighting that ensued between the Sri Lanka army and the LTTE yesterday, in Palamoddai region. 8 bunkers built by the LTTE in the are have been overrun by the troops. 58 division infantry units moved into LTTE held territory moments after a heavy artillery barrage pounded the area.

Meanwhile the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) flew a bombing sorties on an LTTE position after nearly a week long silence. The target was a suicide bomber training facility in Thirivaiaru, located 3 kilometers south east of Kilinochchi.

In other news another LTTE operative was arrested in Indian by the Thamil Nadu police intelligence unit. The LTTE cadres, identified as "Thambianna" is supposed to be a key figure in LTTE's supply network in Thamil Nadu. Five Yamaha 40HP boat engines ready to be sent to Sri Lanka were also captured by the police. Similar engines are frequently used by the sea tigers to power their medium sized craft.
- Sri Lanka Guardian