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Eradication of LTTE (terrorism) will normalise the country

by S. A. P. Subasinghe

(July 13, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) It could be observed that by eradication of terrorism by Prabhakaran, the country will return to normalcy that was prevailing prior to 1977 in Sri Lanka as a whole.

It is now an undisputed fact that the civil administration in the Northern Province ceased - came to a halt with the escalation of violence accompanied by terrorism of the LTTE and many other armed groups of Tamil youth organisations, as every Lankan knows, because they obstructed the functioning of the Government Agents, Kachcheries and other government establishments with the gunning down of Jaffna Mayor Alfred Duraiappa, including the local government bodies and staff attached to them who were maintaining law and order of the day, as they were forced to adhere to orders of so-called militants who were defying the maintenance of law, preventing the smooth functioning of the civilian society; especially since Black July of 1983, leading to a situation which could not be controlled by the succeeding governments although many attempts had been made by way of negotiations, peace talks, cessation of hostilities from time to time, up to date with no avail. Thus, the only final remedy became the complete destruction of the LTTE which is nearing its final phase at present.

However, what we gather is; that the functioning of the civil administration mentioned above did not become completely defunct as was evident by the fact that very often the Jaffna Government Agent, for instance, always used to distribute food supplies sent to Jaffna - at least to the civilians. This indicates that the civil administration which is dormant can start functioning on prevention of terrorism completely. Thus, the elimination of the Prabhakaran outfit and his LTTE cadres in total will culminate terrorism and the atrocities committed by them in the North as well as down South and in the rest of the country as a whole also will be terminated.
But in order to wipe out terrorism as a whole it will be essential to get rid of the leader, as a tree cut down sprouts forth again if its roots remain uninjured and strong, even so when the propensity to terrorism (i.e. Prabhakaran) is not destroyed resumption of militant activities may arise again and again.

Although we may preach about the situation of the country prior to 1977, the present day generation (teenagers as well as adults may not visualise the status quo in Sri Lanka prior to 1977) as already 31 years have elapsed and none of the present day electronic media (TV, radio channels, other than the two state radio channels existed prior to 1977). Thus by way of giving a ‘surprise’ to all private electronic media channels and their cohorts, the resumption of activities in the Northern theatre need to be visualised and the exact functioning of the country before 1977 - to be grasped and imagined the similarity drawn from the Fairy Tale of SLEEPING BEAUTY - where the immediate· functioning of the palace activities resumed with the visit to the palace of a Prince, which led to the awakening of the Princess who was sleeping for 100 years. Thus, even without the local government bodies, all the dormant life activities including government agents, kachcheries and other administrative bodies will resume work in those 3 Districts - Mullathivu, Wanni and Jaffna with the gradual culmination of terrorism.

The government, in turn can hold the local government polls, followed later on by provincial council polls in the North to appoint a Chief Minister as was done recently in the Eastern provincial council.

Thus, with the above performances, the 13th Amendment leading to provincial councils will be fulfilled by the functioning of all 9 provincial councils in all of the 9 provinces throughout Sri Lanka, as desired by India. Obviously, the International Community and the Paffrel organisation should be in a position to monitor - observe the developments and the prevalent situation in Sri Lanka and decide whether a further political solution has to be presented to appease any vested interests.

As the country is returning to the state of the era prior to 1977, it is far better for India to look after the New Delhi government and the incumbent President to look after the Colombo government, allowing for the history of the two countries to be repeated, just as Sirimavo Bandaranaike looked after the Colombo government and. Indira Gandhi looked after the Delhi government on mutual understanding and as family friends too, in maintaining excellent bilateral relationships - this being the status-quo prior to 1977 - allowing for the history of the two countries to be repeated.
- Sri Lanka Guardian


T.Douglas said...

The Sri Lankan Government and the global community are culpable in the creation of the LTTE movement. From 1947 to the 1970s, the Sri Lankan Government engaged in Horrific abuse and Discrimination against the Tamil minority, and yet peaceful Tamil protests yielded zero results. This provoked the creation of a violent separatist movement the LTTE. The Black July of 83 is a well planned Genocide against the Tamil Minority in Sri Lanka. Over 5000 Tamils have been killed by the Sri Lankan Security forces and more than 40,000 Tamil homes been looted and burnt down. several hundreds of Tamil women were raped by the Majority Sinhalese.
The lesson to be learned is that when oppressive dictatorships like Communist China and Islamic Malaysia commit horrific abuse against peaceful minorities, like Tibetans and Malaysian Hindus, other democracies must intervene and force justice for the oppressed. Otherwise, frustrated minorities may be forced to take up arms to achieve justice.
The LTTE took up arms to achieve justice for the oppressed Tamils and against the Genocidal Sri Lankan Govt

budydash said...

From Rama to Ellala, Raja adi raja to Madras seapoys, our genocide of the islanders runs to many millions. Everyone knows that the tigers had their training in India??? This was in the seventies and the 83 riots were well orchestrated by the tigers to win support and create a cause. Even G G Ponnambalam (1915 anti-Buddism) and Chelvanyagam (50:50 representation) post indipendence could not exploit to this extent.

withane said...

....Eradication of terrorism AND providing a lasting solution to ethnic problem, will eventually bring peace to all....

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