FMM (saint), Army Commander (villain) & the Terrorists (brothers)

by Sisira Pereira (Panadura)

(July 30, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Free Media Movement (FMM ) has released a press statement mentioning their ‘dismay’ about two interviews the current Army Commander has given. They say in the statement, I quote,

“If indeed Lt. Gen. Fonseka has made the remarks attributed to him, the FMM is of the view, that it is unbecoming conduct of a highest military officer. At a time when he is spearheading a war against Tiger rebels, it is unfortunate that he has chosen it fit to justify indirectly the recent attacks on journalists. (The FMM waited for a week before making this statement to see if there would be any corrections to the interviews form the Commander).”

If one carefully reads the above quote from the FMM media statement, it would not be difficult to see one significant feature.

To the FMM, the psychopathic Prabakaran and his LTTE terrorists are still just ‘REBELS’.

Prabakaran and his barbaric LTTE has proved a million times to the world without wee bit of a doubt that they are neither freedom fighters nor are they people’s liberators but sheer murderers and genociders, who have killed thousands of babies, children, men and women.

Yet, the FMM cannot bring its pen to write the word “terrorists” to describe the LTTE killers. To the FMM, the adjective “terrorist” is not suitable to be used to identify the LTTE yet.

How many more do they want the LTTE to kill before they can call the LTTE as terrorists?

However they are quickly ‘dismayed’ about the interviews given by the Army Commander and calls that, “it is unbecoming conduct of a highest military officer”.

The fact is that they do not realize how unbecoming a conduct they themselves have being so far unable to identify and call the terrorists, terrorists.

When the FMM is trying to point one finger at the Army Commander, three are pointing at themselves.
- Sri Lanka Guardian