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General strike, TNA expresses solidarity!

(July 09, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Tamil National Alliance has appealed to all citizens to extend their solidarity with the proposed general strike on July 10th called by the trade unions of the country to protest against the sufferings of the masses and to express the frustration of the workers irrespective of racial and religious differences.

Parliamentarians Sampanthan and Mavai Senathirajah are the signatories to the statement released by the TNA.

TNA states that Sri Lanka has become a failed state due to the wrong policies of the government. The government has failed to put forward a reasonable political solution to the ethnic crisis. The government is trying to cover up its follies and failures by citing the war as an excuse.

It further stated that the government has opted for a military solution while the international community including India and America insist on a political solution.

The TNA statement went on that the human rights violations and the attacks on journalists are continued with the war as an excuse.

TNA in conclusion stressed that the legitimate demands of the workers must be met.
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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