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Is It Corrected?

Statement from Tamil for Justice to Sri Lanka Guardian follow:

(July 10, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) There was no email directed from Tamils For Justice nor Bruce Fein it's attorney to Rajasingam Jayadevan.

He is free to send the email he received purportedly from Tamils For Justice or any other so called Tamils For Justice supporter so that we can investigate it further. Jayadevan has very close relatives in the USA who are involved with Tamil charities and other Tamil organizations that are proscribed, in the USA, and have been openly working against the Tamils For Justice Project since last year.

He is also a medical doctor for everyone's information. Jayadevan also worked closely with the TRO USA, and WTCC USA only a few years ago.

Jayadevan himself worked openly for years with the LTTE and for the LTTE raising huge amounts of funds. In some financial transactions he fell foul with the LTTE a few years ago, due to financial as well as some family issues pertaining his own sister and brother in law.

Now he attacks the LTTE and everybody who supports the LTTE or Tamil struggle.
He has been misguided about the Tamils For Justice, goals and objectives, and unnecessarily interferring with the activities of the Tamils For Justice suddenly for some ulterior motives.

We at Tamils For Justice are not involved in any manner with his finacial or other battles regarding the temples he operates in the UK, his personal battles with his sister, nephews, in laws etc.

Tamils For Justice is a global organizations working on human rights issues, to bring Justice to Tamils and Peace with Justice to all in the Island of Sri Lanka. There should be in our opinion immediate and meaningful dialog with both parties to the conflict as well as the international community. There cannot be one sided communication with the international community, despite the fact the international community encourages both parties to the conflict to engage in Peace Talks and negotiations.

Unfortunately, Bruce Fein had NO IDEA who Jayadevan was nor his history and politely replied him, once. Tamils For Justice was not aware of this communication until such time the Sri Lanka guardian published this trivial exchange.

Mr. Jayadevan will be waiting dumbfounded if he believes that Bruce Fein has the time to be debating with him, on the merits and demerits of his arguments about the LTTE. He should realize that Tamils For Justice has no obligations to the likes of Ettayappan R. Jayadevan nor others. Tamils For Justice goals and objectives are very clear and well defined.

As for Bruce Fein's comments on LTTE are his personal comments, and was unauthorized and unaware by the Tamils For Justice.

Quote " LTTE would enjoy no power or immunity in a free Tamil independent state than any other group or organization. I share your belief that Tamils must be emancipated from all tyrannies no matter what the source. Unquote.

As said previously we are only a human rights organizations and have no authority for anything in Sri Lanka, to decide who enjoys power or immunity. Our goals and objectives are very specific. Any power sharing has to be negotiated between GOSL and LTTE who are the only internationally recognized parties to peace and war.

Jayadevan seems to be unable to comprehend the request or plea for Evidence, and had engaged the attorney in a debate which was totally incosequential nonsense.

http://www.tamilsforjustice.org/pdf/BFein-PleaforEvidence.pdf -dated May 23, 2008.
He may if he wishes to, can contact Tamils For Justice at Tamilsforjustice@gmail.com
Or else he can request his attorney to contact us.

Tamils For Justice.
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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