LTTE tests boundaries as Wanni becomes untenable

by DefenecWire

(July 30, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) LTTE units in north Pooneryn, launched a barrage of artillery fire at Muhamalai Army FDL, which senior officers believe could be to test the Army's newly acquired Electronic Weapons Locating Systems. These systems were not used to return the random harassing fire of the LTTE today.

Damages were caused to a few abandoned bunkers and minor injuries were received by two soldiers in the vicinity of the area. The attacks were launched using 130mm guns from a location in Kalmunai Point in Pooneryn.

Troops have come close to the LTTE strong-point at Vellankulam. Small groups of Commandos are spearheading the attack. The Thevampiddi Church to where the Our Lady of Madhu statue was moved for 'safekeeping' is also situated at Vellankulam.

Special discussions were held today between Mannar Bishop Rt. Rev. Rayappu Joseph and Major General J. Jayasuriya Commander, Security Forces Headquarters-Wanni, ahead of the Madhu Pilgrimage starting next month. As a result, the church will be open to devotees and the Army would move out of the premises.

Meanwhile troops from Task Force two, who commenced their operations from Madhu have come close to the A-9 road. The 56 Division is also to the east of the A-9. Both divisions are dangerously close to Puliyankulam, northeast from which is Mullaitivu. The 57, if it reaches Mankulam, will be dangerously close to Kilinochchi.
- Sri Lanka Guardian