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Twenty five years of conflict

by C. Silva

(July 12, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Sri Lanka will shortly enter twenty five years of conflict between the LTTE and the government. This raises the question of what have the LTTE achieved for the Tamils? They have lost the East and elections have been held there recently. It is clear they have never represented the interest of the Tamils. It is for LTTE’s own self-interest that this conflict has gone on and the Tamils have been in travail and have lived under threat and intimidation. Many have called for a negotiated settlement but it is clear that the current leadership is not in the least interested as such calls have fallen on deaf ears. It is Eelam or bust.

The government too has to shoulder some of the blame for it has yet to implement the 13th and 17th Amendments to the Constitution. Furthermore, the recommendations of the APRC (All Party Representative Committee) await a decision. The longer the government delays it calls to question its sincerity in resolving this issue. The longer the government procrastinates it creates the impression that it is as intransigent as the LTTE. It is imperative that the 13th and 17th Amendments are immediately implemented and a decision made on the recommendations of the APRC for implementation. The armed forces may have successes in defeating the LTTE, but the underlying issues of the minorities have to be resolved if we as a nation are to move forward or we shall be stoking the embers for yet another conflict in the future.

The meaning of life is happiness and the source of happiness is creating values for the other. The people are saddled with the rising cost of living and businesses struggling with stifling regulations by external authorities and bureaucracies, while inflation running at about 20% one could partially blame the global down turn but with the continued conflict in the north, which has drained funds away and with our infrastructure needing an overhaul, we are teetering at the seams. Sixty years of independence and we have nothing to show for it, except our young and those who can seek opportunities abroad for themselves and their children. The LTTE has failed the Tamils and our Politician’s have failed the country. We need new leaders who would put the country first before one’s self.
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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